Thursday, 16 May 2013

Shopping Trip May 15, 2013!

Hi Friends,

Wasn't too bad a shopping trip last night! Got a few things we needed to get by during the week and not much more. Looking ahead to this week's shopping deals aren't that great, savings and coupon wise. I'll post that up soon! Let's see what I bought at No Frills and Walmart last night! I love how Dufferin mall has them both! It's so awesome when one place runs out of sale items to be able to walk over to the other store and grab them.

- Activia Yogurt $3.97 each pm'd with Walmart and had $1 coupons (GoCoupons) I don't think I'll be buying the zero fat or sugar version that the coupon makes you buy. It tastes kinda weird to me and I'm not on a diet so I want things to taste yummy! 
- Campbell's condensed soups $.67 each
- Egg Whites $2.49 with $1 coupon (Websaver)
- Bananas $.45/lb 
- Royal Gala apples pm'd with Freshco $1/lb
- Dove pm'd with No Frills $2.97 each and each had $2 off body wash from Facebook printable. Submitted each for $1.50 from Checkout51 as well. 
- Bosc pears pm'd Frecho $1/lb
- Crush Cream Soda $1
- Strawberries $1.44 each
- Dairy Milk Bar $1.50
- Lactania Salted Butter pm'd $2.99 (I'm pretty sure they new this was on sale at Metro and took away the non-salted kind!)
- Cottonelle Moist Wipes $2.49
- Extra Lean Ground Beef $2.88/b

Eros and Pookie

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