Thursday, 25 October 2012

Shopping Deals October 25th, 2012!

Hi Everyone, 

I'm happy to say, I've finally received a few flyers this week from the mailman! I don't know why companies don't post their ads more than a day or two before the sale starts. Or why they don't always post them at the same time. I usually make these lists on Thursday but end up waiting till Friday to post, since I have to wait for the Canadian Tire ads to come online. 

There are some good sales out there this week. If you are planning to have a party or something around Christmas time and what not, there are some great pop deals to stock up on. I can't wait to stock up on Campbell's soup! We eat this more often during winter time when one of us gets sick. And if you haven't already used your $2 Resolve coupons, now is definitely the time to load up! It's now lower than $2, so you're basically making money (if you don't count tax yet). 

Take a peak below at this week's sales!

No Frills
- coke 18 cans $4.33
- bone in/skin on chicken breast $1.97/lb
- whole chicken $6.97
- red seedless grapes $.97/lb
- royal gala $.79/lb
- asparagus $1.99
- Puritan beef stew $.97
- dunkaroos $1.97 ($1 coupons)
- resolve $1.88 ($2 coupons)

- red seedless grapes $.97/lb
- Granny Smith $.97/lb
- Kraft dinners $1
- Aquafresh $1

Shoppers Drug Mart
- Dempster's ww bread $1.99

Price Chopper
- Blackberries $.99

- Campbell's $.44

- Dove 4x90g $2.88 ($2 printable coupons, if you haven't hit the printing max of two yet)
- tetley 2/$3
- dentyne/trident $1.97
- plantains $.59/lb

Giant Tiger
- country harvest $2

- whole chicken $5.99
- raspberries $1.99
- crispers $1

- coke and Pepsi 10-12 cans $2.99 ($1 coupons for either 10-12pk green tea or regular gingerale or $1 off 10pk of green tea gingerale)

Food Basics
-  mushrooms $.88
- Dempster's ww $1.99

Till next time!

Eros and Pookie

Diaper Tricycle Part 2

Hello Crafty Pinteresters,

I was invited to a last minute baby shower last week and couldn't go, so I decided to make a diaper tricycle once again for the mother to be. I figured it'll be more thoughtful and more affordable to go this route than just buying them a huge box of diapers and having it shipped to their house. This time I had a very strict budget (on account of the whole dog surgery thing), and used the right amount of diapers as in the tutorial. Honestly, the second time around was such a breeze! It's definitely harder doing it by yourself, but if you can find a second pair of hands to help you hold all the diapers as you add more to form your tires, you'll be golden!

All in all, it took about a little over an hour to complete. With two people, I'm sure you can get it down to 30 mins or less. Personally, the decorating of the tricycle will take the most time, I'm very particular and strive to be a perfectionist! I've yet to master the art of bow making! I had the wrong sized rubber bands that kept breaking apart while I was trying to put together the front wheel. Couple other issues,  I used smaller sized diapers which made it harder to keep the elastic in the centre on the tire. The blankets were also much thicker than previous ones I used and kept pushing the diapers in the centre out of place. Right now, it's a bit lopsided but I'm hoping tonight I'll be able to fix it up a bit, add a home made ribbon and fashion a travelling case for it out of cardboard.

 The supplies

The final product

Eros and Pookie

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Shopping Trip October 22, 2012! Lessons learned...

Hi Fellow Couponers,

I had a very good shopping trip on Monday! Was able to pick up some essentials that would hold me over for a little while. The trip itself was good but some issues with the cashier that wasn't so great! I'll go over in detail below.

I also wanted to note I learned a very important lesson this week! I learned the importance of organizing and keeping your business files! Here's the situation, I finally got paid for a commercial gig I did three weeks ago. The cheque issued was less than half of what I was expecting. I looked everywhere for a copy of the contract I signed the day of the shoot. Usually, I'm pretty good and will toss it into my purple accordion business folder and sort out any issues from there. But I hate to admit, I've been slacking and after looking all over the condo, I found the contract folded up at the bottom in a small pocket inside my backpack. I was literally stressing for about 10-15 mins about where this paper could be, cursing at myself for being lazy and not filing it. I was not looking forward to the thought of having to dip into my emergency, yet again to pay my end of the month bills. I'd have to say that I'm so thankful and happy that I started an emergency fund! I've never had the need to tap into it until this very month when Eros needed an unexpected major spinal surgery. Even though the whole point of the fund is to hold me over in times of need, as soon as I saw it grow to a decent amount I felt the momentum and wanted to do everything in my power to keep it untouched. Especially, being self-employed I can't stress enough how important it is to have an emergency fund to keep you from starving and out on the streets. On the bright side, I'm unionized and the missing money will come. I just can't wait to get it so I can make my fund whole again and you bet your butt I'll be filing each new document!

- Pineapple was pm'd for $1
- Natural deli meats were $3.97 each
- Crest Fluoride Rinse was pm'd $4.87 (where are those $1 off crest rinses when you need them!)
- Dempster's bread was $2 and we had a $1 off coupon 
- Various Classico pasta sauces were all $2 a piece. This was an amazing deal! Regularly I've seen them from anywhere from high $3 something to $5 a jar! I'm really excited to wash out these jars and use them for some pinterest crafts.
- Kraft crunchy peanut butter 1kg jar was pm'd $3.88. Pb has definitely gone way up this year, regularly it was priced for $6.77! That's $7 for pb! Insane!
- Honey Bunches of Oats were on sale for $2.44 each. I also had a $1 coupon, making them only $1.44 each. I've tried some and their pretty good!
- Stagg chili was pm'd for $1.88. I love chili and this can usually goes on sale for about $2, but $1.88 was a good deal and we have no more canned foods in our house.
- Iogo yougurt was $2.67 and I had a 75 cents coupon
- Royal Gala apples were pm'd for 97 cents a pound

Another issue I had this week was being overcharged for something that was price matched. When I cash out, I tell the cashier ahead of time that I have coupons and price matching items to do which are all located at the end of my haul. She had scanned in a jar of peanut butter at $6.77, when I had price matched them for $3.88 each. Essentially, I was charged for 3 jars when I only bought 2. Luckily, I happen to be checking out the receipt as I was about to walk out the door. I'm pretty good at watching them as they go, making sure mistakes aren't made but this cashier kept making mistakes and throwing me off. She didn't know how to punch in my coupon discounts! Basically, I went back to the cashier who directed me to customer service and wasted another 10 mins trying to get back my dough. I try to make a habit of double checking receipts on the way out. Another lesson learned! Charges like this can easily be over looked and all the couponing and price matching would be for nothing if you just paid whatever and left.

Making a diaper tricycle part 2! Tricycle on a budget! Details soon...

Eros And Pookie

Friday, 19 October 2012

Shopping Deals October 18, 2012!

Hi gang,

Not much going on this week with sales and coupons. Take a look below!

Weekly shopping 

No Frills
- Kraft pb 1kg $3.88
- maple leaf hot dogs $.88
- shrimp 340g $3.88
- pineapple $1.88
- broccoli $.88
- country harvest bread $1.88
- stagg chili $1.88
- Duncan Hines 2/$1.88
- pc blue menu omega 3 eggs $2.88
- honey bunches of oats $2.44 ($1 coupon)

- Classico sauce $2
- natural sliced meat $3.97
- romaine, green or red leaf lettuce $1

Shoppers Drug Mart
- arm and hammer detergent $2.99 ($1 coupon)

Price Chopper
- del monte canned veggies $.77
- Dolfino Harvarti cheese $2.99 ($.75 coupon)

- Bosc pear $.99/lb

- Bosc pear $.96/lb
- crest pro health $4.87
- qtips $2.88
- Kraft pb 500g $2.88
Food Basics  
-  pineapple $1
- royal gala $.97/lb

See you next time!

Eros And Pookie

Friday, 12 October 2012

Shopping Deals October 11, 2012!

Weekly shopping 

Not many deals this week! Check them out!

No Frills
- coke 6x710ml $1.97
- natural sandwich meats $3.99
- raspberries/blackberries 3/$5
- wonder bread $1.97
- bunch spinach $.87

- Dempster's ww $2
- head and shoulders $3.96
- q-tips $3 

Price Chopper
- muscot or red grapes $.99/lb

- neilson truetaste milk $3.99

- mushrooms $.88

Food Basics  
-  milk $3.88

Happy shopping!

Eros And Pookie

My Little Pinterest Birthday Present!

Hi Everyone,

I'll be posting about the coupons deals soon! But first, I wanted to share a little gift I made Winton for his birthday this week! I wanted something sentimental and handmade, cause I love making stuff! It's just so cool and fun!

I custom made a birthday card with a really cool phrase I found online on stumbleupon. I saw a tutorial on pinterest one day about how to make really cool fonts and designs with letters. I'm not a very good artist but I tried! I also noticed that having the right supplies really would of helped! I wish I had a set of micron pens!

The gift itself was a series of photos with Winton and each of his friends and their favourite memory of him written on the back. Sort of like a postcard, but they are put in individually numbered envelopes to give them a random/surprise factor. I liked the fact that he wouldn't know who the next "letter" was from! He just loves surprises!

 I had to given up on rotating the coloured felt cause I had an influx of photos and memories last minute.

 I went all over looking for old school envelopes with those blue and red boarders and luckily found some in Chinatown. I printed out giant numbers and traced them onto felt and cut them out. I really liked how they have a soft and popped out effect. I was going to tie all the envelopes together with string, like how in the olden days they would do that when you had several letters. I think I may have been watching too much Downton Abbey!

The final product! 

Winton really enjoyed this gift and I'd recommend it to anyone! He loved reading old memories of how his friends remembered them. He especially loved the fact that I had gotten in touch with people he doesn't often have a chance to see.

Till next time!

Eros and Pookie

Friday, 5 October 2012

Shopping Deals October 4th, 2012 with Turkey Roasting Tip!

Hello All,

Not much in the couponing world this week! There is the best deal for turkey this week that I've seen this year for 88 cents a pound. Didn't go grocery shopping last week since it was my birthday and Winton spoiled me by taking me out everyday. Not shopping this week either I'm afraid, with lots of Winton's family flying in from all over for a cousin's wedding this long weekend. Winton's birthday is also next week, so I'm sure there will be eating out some more. And hopefully, we'll be back to normal and won't eat out so much till Christmas! Fingers crossed! Let's hop to it!

Weekly shopping 

No Frills
- country harvest $1.47
- red/green grapes $.97/lb
- turkey gravy $.69
- breyers $2.43

- round cake caddy or 3 in 1 caddy $9.97
- 18' oval roaster with lid $9.97
- Tositos and salsa $2
- Bartlett or angler pears $.77/lb
- Dempster's whole grain $2.27

Price Chopper
- asparagus $1.77/lb
- dole crushed pineapple $.77

- Mushrooms $.99

- 10lb bag potatoes $1.98
- broccoli crowns $.98
- Kraft pb 500g $2.98

- honey bunches of oats $1.99 ($1 coupon)

Giant Tiger
- omega 3 eggs $3

Food Basics  
- turkey $.88/lb
- betty Crocker $.88
- Tostitos $1.97
- Kraft pb 500g $2.49
- apples $.88/lb

Oh, little tip for your turkey if your making it this weekend! I learned from a friend that the secret to a juicy turkey is flipping it over breast side down for the first hour or so, then flip it and roast like normal for the remaining time! You'll have one juicy turkey your family will thank you for! This works well for chicken too! The tricky part is trying to flip over a blazing humongous turkey when you're roasting it! I personally use two large tongs and a boyfriend! 

Happy Turkey Roasting!

Eros And Pookie