Friday, 5 October 2012

Shopping Deals October 4th, 2012 with Turkey Roasting Tip!

Hello All,

Not much in the couponing world this week! There is the best deal for turkey this week that I've seen this year for 88 cents a pound. Didn't go grocery shopping last week since it was my birthday and Winton spoiled me by taking me out everyday. Not shopping this week either I'm afraid, with lots of Winton's family flying in from all over for a cousin's wedding this long weekend. Winton's birthday is also next week, so I'm sure there will be eating out some more. And hopefully, we'll be back to normal and won't eat out so much till Christmas! Fingers crossed! Let's hop to it!

Weekly shopping 

No Frills
- country harvest $1.47
- red/green grapes $.97/lb
- turkey gravy $.69
- breyers $2.43

- round cake caddy or 3 in 1 caddy $9.97
- 18' oval roaster with lid $9.97
- Tositos and salsa $2
- Bartlett or angler pears $.77/lb
- Dempster's whole grain $2.27

Price Chopper
- asparagus $1.77/lb
- dole crushed pineapple $.77

- Mushrooms $.99

- 10lb bag potatoes $1.98
- broccoli crowns $.98
- Kraft pb 500g $2.98

- honey bunches of oats $1.99 ($1 coupon)

Giant Tiger
- omega 3 eggs $3

Food Basics  
- turkey $.88/lb
- betty Crocker $.88
- Tostitos $1.97
- Kraft pb 500g $2.49
- apples $.88/lb

Oh, little tip for your turkey if your making it this weekend! I learned from a friend that the secret to a juicy turkey is flipping it over breast side down for the first hour or so, then flip it and roast like normal for the remaining time! You'll have one juicy turkey your family will thank you for! This works well for chicken too! The tricky part is trying to flip over a blazing humongous turkey when you're roasting it! I personally use two large tongs and a boyfriend! 

Happy Turkey Roasting!

Eros And Pookie

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