Thursday, 25 October 2012

Diaper Tricycle Part 2

Hello Crafty Pinteresters,

I was invited to a last minute baby shower last week and couldn't go, so I decided to make a diaper tricycle once again for the mother to be. I figured it'll be more thoughtful and more affordable to go this route than just buying them a huge box of diapers and having it shipped to their house. This time I had a very strict budget (on account of the whole dog surgery thing), and used the right amount of diapers as in the tutorial. Honestly, the second time around was such a breeze! It's definitely harder doing it by yourself, but if you can find a second pair of hands to help you hold all the diapers as you add more to form your tires, you'll be golden!

All in all, it took about a little over an hour to complete. With two people, I'm sure you can get it down to 30 mins or less. Personally, the decorating of the tricycle will take the most time, I'm very particular and strive to be a perfectionist! I've yet to master the art of bow making! I had the wrong sized rubber bands that kept breaking apart while I was trying to put together the front wheel. Couple other issues,  I used smaller sized diapers which made it harder to keep the elastic in the centre on the tire. The blankets were also much thicker than previous ones I used and kept pushing the diapers in the centre out of place. Right now, it's a bit lopsided but I'm hoping tonight I'll be able to fix it up a bit, add a home made ribbon and fashion a travelling case for it out of cardboard.

 The supplies

The final product

Eros and Pookie

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