Saturday, 22 December 2012

Shopping Deals Dec 20, 2012!

Hi All,

Some good deals this week! Amazing price on turkeys at 77 cents a pound and free shaving cream this week! So, let's see what's we've got going on!

Weekly Shopping

No Frills
- 5lb clementines $2.77
- blackberries $.97
- broccoli $.87
- Franco gravy $.67
- uncle bens rice $.97
- Mastro evoo $3.97
- bacon $2.97

- 10lb potatoes $1
- crab legs $20
- Dempster's ww bread $1.77

Shoppers Drug Mart
- royale toilet paper $3.99 ($2 coupon)
- coke/Pepsi 12 cans $2.77 ($1 off coupon for gingerale)

Price Chopper
- broccoli $.79
- sweet potatoes $.69/lb

- broccoli $.79
- sweet potato $.69/lb

- skinmate and edge shaving gel $2 ($2 coupons for both = free!)

- coke/Pepsi 10-12pk $2.99 ($1 off gingerale 10-12)

Giant Tiger
- Queen Anne $1

- 2 L pop $.99

- coke/Pepsi 10-12 $2.99 ($1 off gingerale 10-12pk)

Food Basics  
 - turkey $.77/lb
- royal gala $.77/lb

Eros And Pookie

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Shopping Trip Dec 17, 2012!

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are enjoying the festive holiday season so far!

I just LOVE Christmas! I love the music, the lights, and the whole spirit of it. Minus the whole religion thing, but the getting together and eating thing is awesome! I made a whole whack of hand made gifts this year for kids! I can't wait to post them after Christmas, as to not ruin any surprises! Right Steph?! ;)

I did a massive shopping trip last night! I went to both No Frills and Walmart! I wish Walmart would carry President Choice products or No Frills opened 24 hours. Then life would be heaven! It is T-One day till my turkey fest tomorrow. Small gathering of people and a simple meal is all I wanted to do this year. Nothing fancy, but I have to admit the whole holiday spirit and shopping got the better of Winton and I. Winton insisted on getting the holiday themed plates and napkins etc. when I said our regular paper towels and normal Chinet designed plates were good enough. But, then again we never hosts parties and it would be great to see everyone.

The ironic thing is, I'm not stressed about cooking the turkey and most of the food but more stressed about the cleaning of everything before everyone arrives! We clean periodically (I also do a big clean Sundays) but having guest over means we need to kick our cleaning into overdrive. For example, we have what is called our "Bag Corner," where I store my purse and backpack for work so I need to figure where those will disappear to for the day! Our place is small so it's not easy to hide things under the bed (we have drawers) or hide things in our bedroom (people will most likely sit in there playing games with people in the living room). Well, the good news is, I still have tonight and all day tomorrow to do the cleaning! Besides, making the turkey is easy! It's just popping that sucker in the over with some rub anyways!

Oh, on another note! I received my Fresh Points gas card! I can't believe it came so fast! I already gave it to Winton to use! I'm glad to see that it does work and I'll definitely be scanning more stuff soon!

So, I majorly digress... Back to my shopping trip! We easily spent almost $300 dollars this week on party foods, food for the week, and stuff we needed in general. And I must say THANK JEBUS for PC Points! I've been saving them since my Cuba trip in April or May, and racked up about $150 in points. I got my entire No Frills shopping for 48 cents. I'm sad that my balance is now zero but I do have a few months to rack up some more before my next big trip! There wasn't much coupon usage this trip but but every coupon counts! I did manage to get a bunch of "sale" items. I use that term loosely, since the sale price would never been the actual price I'd pay had it not been for my little gathering. Since I bought so many things this week and it was really really late at night, I couldn't get one big picture. I divvied them up into smaller random piles, so let's check 'em out!

 No Frills
 - Royale 6 box tissue $3.99 and used $2 coupon = $1.99 (amazing price!)
- Chapman's Vanilla Ice Cream pm's for $1.99 (diddo!)
- Carrots 3lbs $1.49 (They had a 10lb bag for $1.77, but I couldn't fathom eating 10lbs worth of carrots)
- Dole Sliced Pineapple $.77 each (gonna go great with my ham!)
- Franco Turkey Gravy $.67 each (I prefer canned gravy, as it's not so oily in taste but I'm debating on making one out of turkey juices)
- Chestnuts $2.99/lb (man, these are pricey but so good)

 - Green Giant Frozen Veggies $1.97 each
- Franco Gravy $.67 each
- Rold Gold Pretzels $3.19
- Hershey's Drops $3.49 and used $2 coupon = $1.49

 - Gay Lea Whipped Cream $2.47
- Onion 97 cents/lb
- Lactania Salted Butter pm'd $2.88 each
- Lay's Kettle Cooked $2.47

 - Royal Chinet 40 medium $3.97
- Royal Chinet 40 large $5.97
- Gay Lea Sour Cream pm'd for $1.47
- Holiday Napkins $2.97 each (ouch!)
- Chipits $2.47
- Ham $10
- Simply Orange $3

- Black Diamond Medium Cheese pm'd for $4.44 and used 75 cent coupon = $3.69

Talk to you in a couple days for coupon/sale match ups!

Eros and Pookie

Friday, 14 December 2012

Shopping Deals Dec 13, 2012 and This Week's Grocery Trip!

Hi Folks!

Not much going on in the world of coupons and sales this week! I'm planning on picking up some essentials like frozen and canned veggies, butter and some fruit. I'm so happy that Walmarts are now starting to become 24hrs! Should be interesting to price match at 4am and hopefully have no problems and I can take my time.

Recently, I was able to redeem a $25 gas card from all my Fresh Points scanning on my iPhone. I've submitted for it and hopefully will get it in the mail soon! I also found another app called Checkout 51. Basically, they give you a list every week of things that have rebates/coupons on. If you buy that item that week, you can scan the picture of the receipt and are suppose to get a check in the mail or something. I'm not too sure on all the details, but I'll definitely check it out and let you know! I'm a little skeptic about taking a photo of my receipt, because I always pay with my credit card. Every though my number is scrambled, there are other important personal info on there like my points balance. They also don't have a large selection of items you can get a rebate on, they're pretty specific. However, seems like a good idea. For example, this week they have a rebate for $3 on Huggies Baby Wipes and there is a sale for them at $2.99. So, essentially they should be free. I don't have a baby so I have no interest in getting free wipes. Maybe one day ;)

On another topic, the recent sale of Buitoni Pizza's I bought have unfortunately been recalled because some people have found pieces of metal in them. Luckily, I didn't have a chance to eat them yet and hopefully if you bought some too, you didn't eat them either. If you Google the words "recall Buitoni," you should be able to find the 1 800 number for coupons to replace your tainted pizzas. Honestly, I would have preferred a full refund since the brand has now been tainted in my mind before I even had a chance to try them out.

We didn't have much time to grocery shop this week, so we just picked up a few essentials to get us by. I'm so happy to have picked up such a big turkey for about $20! I guess I'm going to get that little Christmas party I wanted after all. I'm so excited! I love cooking, but even more I LOVE eating!

No Frills
- Turkey approx. 25 lbs $21.38
- Country Harvest Bread $1.97
- Bosc Pears $2.43 (can't remember cost/lb)
- Gala Apples were pm'd  98 cents/lb totalling $3.49
- Broccoli 87 cents
- Chestnuts (centre of picture) $2.99/lb
- Oikos Key Lime $3.79 each
- Pot of Gold $3.67 each
- Chicken legs were full price, can't remember sorry!
- Dole Pineapple $1.17 (I realized now, this wasn't cheap!)
- PC Butter Chicken Sauce $3.29
- PC Thai Curry Sauce $3.29

Weekly shopping 

No Frills
- Chicken breast $3.44/lb
- coke 18 cans $3.97
- 10lb bag potatoes/carrots $1.77
- Franco gravy $.67
- uncle bens $.97
- 6 box royale tissue $3.99 ($2 or $1 coupon)
- gay lea sour cream $1.47
- truetaste cream $.97
- green giant veggies $1.97
- Breyers $2.44
- sliced pineapple dole $.77
- Duncan Hines $.97 (checkout51 $1)

- bolthouse 2lb $1.97
- schneiders old fashion ham $8
- extra lean ground beef $5
- chipit's $2.47
- oikos $3.97

Shoppers Drug Mart
- coke/Pepsi 6x710ml $1.99
Rest of Week
- mini marshmallows $.99

Price Chopper
- black diamond cheese $4.44 ($.75 coupon)
- whole chicken $1.97/lb
- Campbell's ready to eat soup $.97 (really good deal)
- 2L pop $.97
- sunlight detergent $3.97 ($1.50 coupon)

- natrel milk $4.97
- sunlight $3.97 ($1.50 coupon)
- morrocco clementines box $2.99
- lemons 5/$1

- gay lea butter $2.99

- vinta crackers $1.97 (these were so yummy, but they were cheaper last week!)

- coke/Pepsi 2L $.99
- Gillette deodorant $1.99 ($3 wub 2 coupon) 

Giant Tiger
- Chapman's 2L $1.99

- lactantia butter $2.88
- oikos $3.49

Food Basics  
 - navel oranges $.37/lb (really good price!)
- peek freans $1.88
- Bosc $.97/lb

Eros And Pookie

Friday, 7 December 2012

Shopping Deals Dec 6, 2012!

Hi Deal Hunters,

Not too many good deals going on this week! But, the month is still young and there are plenty of parties and such to happen, so I'm sure there will be crazy deals closer to Christmas. However, turkey is a good price from No Frills. Last time this year or maybe two years ago, I got turkey for $.77/lb and figuring with inflation $.87/lb isn't too shabby! Also, good deal on Scubbing Bubbles and Wonderful Pistachios!
Weekly shopping

No Frills
- turkey $.87/lb
- chicken legs $1.77/lb
- broccoli $.87
- Bartlett $.77/lb
- country harvest bread or bagels $1.97
- crush rainbow pack 24 pk $5.97
- Campbell's chicken broth 900mL $1.67
- ocean spray cranberry jelly $1.67
- del monte canned veggies $.77
- Tropicana $4.49
- pot of gold $3.67
- oikos Greek yogurt $3.97 Fortinos

- carrots 3 pound bag $1
- onions 3 pound bag $1
- Lays $1.77
- schneiders or country naturals hams $8
- Mitchell troupie ham $10
- sweet potatoes $.77/lb
- romaine, red or green lettuce $.97
- scrubbing bubbles $3 (various coupons which I gave away, only have the b1g1 free coupons)
- wonderful pistachio $2.77 ($1 coupons)
- kit Kat Caramel $2

Shoppers Drug Mart
- royale tissue box 6 $3.88 ($1 coupons)
- blistex $2.79 ($.75 coupon)

Price Chopper
- coke/Pepsi 24 pk $5.97
- sour cream $1.47
- green giant veggies/European best $1.97 ($2 coupon for Europe's Best roasted veggies)
- dole pineapple slices $.77
- dare vinta crackers $1.97
- lunch mate $.99

- coke/Pepsi $5.97
- sour cream $1.47
- green giant/European best $1.97 ($2 coupon for Euoropes Best roasted veggies)
- ocean spray cranberry juice $2.47
- lays family pack $2.47
- vinta crackers $1.97
- gay lea butter $3.97
- chapman's ice cream 2L $2.97
- lunchmate $.99
- morocco clementines 2.3kg $3.77
- red delicious apples $.88/lb
- mushrooms $.99

- country harvest bread $1.99
- Rice Krispies 285g $1.99
- oikos $3.79

- lactantia butter $2.97
- coke/Pepsi 24 $5.97
- royal gala/granny smith $.98/lb
- ringolos $2

- pc air chilled whole chicken $1.99/lb
- wonderbread ww $1.99
- honey crisp apples $1.99/lb

Giant Tiger
- black diamond 500g $3.97 ($.75 coupon)
- scrubbing bubbles $2.98 (b1g1 coupon)

- oikos $3.79

Food Basics
- 7up/Pepsi 6 710mL $1.88
- wonderful pistachios 2/$5 ($1 coupon)
- irresistible real whipped cream $1.99
- Lactania 35% cream $1.99

Eros and Pookie

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Shopping Trip Dec 3, 2012!

Hi Gang,

We did a massive shopping trip this week! It really caught up to us not shopping every week for food and supplies. I had been holding out for awhile for basics like plum dipping sauce, but I couldn't find a coupon or sale and had to shell out full price! It really sucked! To make things worse, I had two newbie cashiers to deal with that proved a bit problematic. It all was ok in the end, but I hate that feeling of being "stuck" in the cash out with people behind you. Everything was organized, they just didn't know how to price match properly and had to ask for help or one girl read every coupon in crazy detail. Oh, well that's all behind now and I did manage to score some really good stuff this week!

Shoppers Drug Mart Shopping Trips
 - Colgate Optic White on sale for $1.99 each and had $1 coupons making them 99 cents a piece. 

- Degree Deodorant was $1.99 each with $1 off coupons making them 99 cents each

No Frills/Walmart Shopping
- Arm and Hammer Liquid Laundry Detergent was $2.99 with $1 coupon making it only $1.99!
- Bounty was $9.98 each with $1.25 coupon wub two Bounty products (Double ouch!)
- Bartlett and Bosc Pears were 97 cents/lb
- Dempsters Whole Wheat Bread $2 each
- Maple Lodge Roast Chicken Deli $2 with 75 cents coupon. This was a really good deal for $1.25. 
- Romaine Hearts $1 per bag of 2
- Sunlight Powder Laundry Detergent $3.97 each with $1.50 coupons. Not as cheap as a couple weeks ago, but still really good deal none the less! 
- Raspberries $1.50 each
- PC air chilled whole chicken was $2/lb
- Liberte Fruto Greek Yogurt X 2 were FREE with FB coupons
- ED Smith Jams were pm'd at $1.88
- Deli Fresh $3.97 and had $1 off coupon
- Omega 3 hard boiled eggs were $.97 each and had a buy 2 get one free
- Mushrooms were pm'd for $1
- Dole Pineapple juice on sale for 2 for $3
- Egg White cartons $3.19 each and used two $1 off coupons
- PC mini potatoes were $2
- Canada Dry pack of 6 at 710mL was $1.99

Eros And Pookie

Friday, 30 November 2012

Shopping Deals November 29, 2012 and A Mini Grocery Trip!

Hi Everyone,

This week I didn't even do any grocery shopping! We were still living off those chicken breasts from Costco and making sandwiches from all the sandwich meat we bought there too! There were a couple good deals at No Frills I couldn't pass up! I didn't want to bother price matching at this particular location, cause it was a bit of a hassle last time and I knew I had to be in and out in about 10 minutes. I love getting the cheap $2 laundry detergent lately, if it was the brands I used I probably would of stocked up even more. But, in the end my mom was very glad to be getting so much soap! Unfortunately, paper towels is where I need to stock up right now. I'd love to grab some holiday stuff too, things like baking and party supplies. I'm thinking about throwing a little Christmas party in the condo for our friends. I love making turkey, it's so little effort and it tastes great! Imagine all the left over turkey sandwiches I get to eat with the leftovers! Yum! Let' see what I scored!

- Alymer canned tomatoes were $1 each and there was a coupon for $1 off wub2, so they were 50 cents a piece! Can't wait to make my own pasta sauces out of these! Very exciting!
- Alcan foil was $1, not the greatest price. I'm pretty sure I saw it for 88 cents before, but I needed it.
- Gain detergent was on sale for $3 each, with a coupon for $2 wub2 making them $2 a piece. Honestly, I misread and thought I could of bought the powdered box instead which has way more loads but at 25 loads per bottle it wasn't too bad!

Enough with last week! Let's get to this week! Not too many deals but I'm sure they'll having big deals soon with Christmas around the corner!

Weekly shopping 

No Frills
- maple lodge chicken breast deli meat $2 ($.75 coupon)
- pc whole chicken $2/lb
- raspberries 2$/3
- wheat thins $1.50
- romaine hearts 2/$1
- old mill bagels $1
- ah caramel/jos Louis $2
- pc mini potatoes $2
- baby cut carrots $1
- pineapple juice 2/$3
- Campbell's ready to eat 2/$3
- pillsbury dough $2

- red path sugar $1.76
- Dempster's whole grain $2.27
- chipit's $2.47
- red path icing, yellow or brown sugar $2

Shoppers Drug Mart
- coke/Pepsi 6x710ml $1.99
- optic white $1.99 ($1 coupons)
- life brand Mini marshmallows $.99

Price Chopper
- sunlight $3.97 ($1.50 coupon)
- blackberries $.99
- 5lb bag of mini potatoes $.99
- Buitoni pizza $2.97 ($1 coupon)
- Sunlight $3.97 ($1.50 coupon) 
- 5lb mini white potato $.99
- compliments salad 142g $1.99
- blackberries $.99

- coke/Pepsi 12 cans $3.33 ($1 off gingerale 10-12pk)

- sponge towels 6 rolls  $3.99

Giant Tiger
- ah caramel $1.88
- Reynolds $1.97 ($.50 coupon)

- buitoni pizza $2.99 ($1 coupon)
- coke/Pepsi 2L pop $.99
- Ed smith jams 375-500ml $1.88
- arm and hammer detergent $2.99 ($1 coupon)

Food Basics  
 - red seedless grapes $1/lb
- mushrooms $1
- lactantia butter $3
- chicken breast $2/lb
- Bosc pears $1/lb

Canadian Tire
- $.59 foil/cling wrap

Eros And Pookie

Friday, 23 November 2012

Shopping Deals November 22, 2012 and This Week's Trip!

Hi Fellow Deal Hunters,

I was very lucky to have a chance to head to No Frills a couple times this past weekend while I was at Stephanie's house, helping to clean up after some renos they had done. I've mentioned before that my mom needed to load up on laundry detergent and I had that great $1.50 coupon for Tide that was on sale this week for $3.97. To my surprise, as I was walking down the soap aisle I happen to come across a tear pad for full of $2 off coupons for any sunlight detergent. Oh boy, was I giddy at the thought of getting Tide Laundry detergent that was priced for $7.97 for as low $1.97! Did I mention is was normally $7.97 at No Frills?!?!  Haha! Unfortunately, when I read the coupon in detail it was only one per customer/family (Family? Tell me how are they gonna know?). Lucky for me, there was two of us at No Frills that day! I was able to price match Freshco and use the $2 coupon no problem. I thought my original plan was a good deal anyways, so I also used my $1.50 coupon as well. I was there again the next day and decided to have Steph come with me again to grab this deal. Trust me! If I could of stacked up and grab ten, I would! They use a lot of detergent at my mom's and I haven't exactly gotten off my butt to go make those home made detergents I see on pinterest either. Plus, I figured you really can't go wrong with $2 detergent!

This mini-side trip to No Frills was suppose to be for fruit and sale items only. I was thinking we'd head out again for "real" groceries this week, but we just had so much chicken and stuff left from Costco that we really didn't need to go. Btw, freezing bread? That was awesome! It's still technically fresh but I don't taste the different at all!

- Stagg Chili on sale $1.88 each x 3
- Chunky soup pm'd at $1.44 x 3 (they only let me price match 3 max! Boo!)
- Blackberries $.88 each x 3
- Bartlett Pears and Gala Apples were pm'd for $.77/lb
- Sunlight pm'd with $2 coupon at $1.97 x 4. And pm'd with $1.50 at $2.47 x 1.

- Thought I'd show you what approx. $10 worth of detergent looks like! ;)

Ok, enough of how proud I was with my soap score. Let's see what's on this week with deals! Too bad the Gain detergent coupons aren't for $3 anymore, but with all the inflation of stuff going on $2 a box isn't bad either. 
Weekly shopping

No Frills
- pineapple $1
- lactantia butter $3
- ah caramel $2
- dole Spring mix salad $2
- baby cut carrots
- pc mini potatoes $2
- chestnuts $3
- qtips 500 $3
- red path golden sugar $2
- Alcan foil $1
- alymer $1 ($1 coupon wub2)
- dole pineapple juice 2/$3
- 2L pop $1
- gain detergent $3 ($2 coupon wub2)
- tender flake $2 ($1 coupon)

- Brita filters 4pk $17.67 black Fri
- chicken breast $9
- mushrooms $1
- mini potatoes $2
- Dempster's ww bread $2

Shoppers Drug Mart
- Alcan foil $.99
- coke or Pepsi 12 pk 2/$5.99 ($1 coupon for 10-12pk gingerale)
- stay free pads $2.88 ($2 printable coupon)
- degree deodorant $1.99 ($1 coupons)

Price Chopper
- parlour $2.44
- Dempster's whole grains $1.99
- natural selections $3.99
- red seedless grapes $.99/lb
- morrocco clementines 2.3kg $3.77
- chestnuts $2.99/lb

- black diamond 500g $4.44 ($.75 coupon)
- Biobest 12x100g $4.44
- parlour $2.44
- clementines $3.77
- red seedless grapes $.99/lb

- coke or Pepsi 10/12pk $2.99 ($1 off 10-12pk gingerale)
-Bartlett or Bosc pears $.99/lb
- vh sauces 341-455mL $2.99
- jet puffed 250g $1.49

- blackberries $.88
- water bottles 15 $1
- Breyers $2.47
- Bartlett or Bosc pear $.98/lb
- country harvest bagels $2

- coke or Pepsi 12pk $2.99 ($1 off 10-12pk gingerale)
- black diamond processed cheese 500g $1.99
- cheese string 168g $1.99
- Classico $1.99
- vh steamers $2.99
- dairy milk 3/$4
- optic white $1.99 ($1 coupon)

- coke/pepsi 10-12pk $2.99
- granny smith $.99/lb

Food Basics
- black plum $.98/lb
- royal gala $.98/lb
- Ed smith triple fruit 500ml $1.88

Eros and Pookie

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Shopping Deals November 15, 2012!

Hi Everyone!

Hope you're getting into the festive spirit like me! This week I was able to organize all the children's toys and handmade gifts and wrap them. So excited to hand them out soon! I'm still working on the list of family, friends and business partners (all the adults). As for shopping, I was able to pick up a couple 6 packs of royale tissue on sale. We were completely out and it's nice to be stocked up again with winter almost here.

 We ended up going to Costco for groceries! Ouch! It's an instant minimum $200 trip, once you walk through that door! However, we did manage to pick up essentials that are way cheaper in the long run. Items like 20 pack Babybel cheeses for $11.49, some sandwich meats and a couple months supply of precooked bacon for those sandwiches! We've also been eating a lot of whole wheat sliced bread, sometimes up to two loaves a week!  So we decided to spend the same money at Costco for bread and get three loaves! Can you tell I eat a lot of sandwiches at work?  I'm trying the whole freeze bread technique and see how that turns out for myself, though I've heard good things! Let's see what's up with the grocery store this week!

Weekly shopping 

No Frills
- blackberries $.88
- Bartlett pears $.79/lb
- country harvest $1.99
- Stagg chili $1.88
- real Canadian water bottles 24 $1.99
- Puritan beef stew $1
- Classico pasta sauce $2
- Campbell's ready to eat soup 2/$3

- gala/Bartlett pear $.77/lb
- smart food/Cheetos $2
- uncle bens rice $1 ($1 coupon)

Price Chopper
- campbells chunky $1.44
- activa 8 yogurts $2.97
- sunlight $3.97 ($1.50 coupon)
- Dempster's ww bread $1.99
- black plums $.99/lb

- truetaste  milk $3.99
- country harvest $1.88
- honey bunches of oats $1.99
- mushrooms $.99

- arm and hammer 80 loads $4.97 ($1 coupon$
- royal gala/granny smith $.98/lb

Food Basics  
 - 4lb Moroccan clementines $2.97
- wonderful pistachios 226g $2.97

Thanks for reading! See you next time!

Eros And Pookie

Friday, 9 November 2012

Shopping Deals November 9, 2012!

Hi everyone,

Pretty decent deals this week! Lots of baking ingredient sales! I love baking and I'm planning to give away lots of homemade food this Christmas! We are out of tissue boxes, so this week is a good deal to stock up. Best price I've seen in awhile for a box of 6 Royale rissue boxes. Let's check them out!

Weekly shopping 

No Frills
- raspberries/blueberries $1.47
- pc chicken samosa $4.99
- dole salads $2.99
- Annette's pie $1.99
- royale 6 box tissue $3.99 ($1 coupon)
- del monte canned veggies $.77
- reya naan $1.49

- grapefruit $.77
- organic girl salad $3
- tetley $2
- whipping cream $2.97
- red path brown sugar $2
- wax paper $2.68
- magic erasers $2.50

Shoppers Drug Mart
- royale 6 box $3.88 ($1 coupon)

Price Chopper
- red path sugar $1.77
- red path brown or icing sugar $1.97
- Lou's quick and easy, sliced bacon $4.99
- blackberries $.99
- broccoli crowns $.88
- red delicious $.88

- Prime whole chicken $5.97 min 1.4kg
- 2.3kg clementines $3.77
- blackberries $.99
- broccoli crowns $.88
- red delicious $.88

- royale double 8 roll toilet paper $2.99 ($1 coupon)

- pc whole chicken $1.99/lb

Giant Tiger
- Clark's beans $.68

- 2L coke or Pepsi $.99

- lactantia milk$3.99
- 2L coke or Pepsi $.99

Food Basics  
- Campbell's chicken broth $1.99
- natrel $4.99
- vh steamers $2.99 ($1 coupon)
- Bartlett pears $.97
- Lou's fully cooked entrees buy two at $5.99 get one free

Canadian Tire
- kitchen aid roaster$29.99

Speak soon!

Eros and Pookie

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

November 3, 2012 Shopping Deals!

Hi Everyone,

For the first time, we went shopping on a Saturday! It's so nice to not find shelves ravished by the weekend shoppers. Most of everything I wanted was in stock. Check them out below!

- Catelli Healthy Harvest Pasta $1.25
- Kraft Dinners Whole Wheat $1 each
- Honey Bunches of Oats $1.99 with a $1 off coupon, making it just 99 cents!
- Dunkaroos were pm'd at $1.77 with a $1 off coupon, making each box 77 cents! 
- Prime Chicken Breast Portions were $10
- Blackberries were pm'd for $1.25 each
- Crest Optic White Toothpaste was $1.97 with $1 off coupon, so I paid 97 cents.
- Vegetable Thins were pm'd for $1.88
- Dempster's Bagels pm'd for $1.77
- Pillsbury Cookie Dough was $2
- Dentyne Gums were pm'd for $1.99 each

Eros And Pookie

Saturday, 3 November 2012

November 1, 2012 Shopping Deals and Fresh Points!

Hi Everyone,

Last night a friend told me about a new app called Fresh Points for iPhones! I'm so addicted to it already! Basically, you download this app into your phone and start scanning things with bar codes and it gives you points for each scan. If an item is considered new, you get to take a picture of it and receive extra points. All these points can go to gift cards for things like online shopping, gas to things like movie tickets. I've already gotten to my first $5 redeemable mark, but I'm aiming for a higher reward! This app just launched in September and their website is pretty primitive. Some down sides are the error messages received when I take photos and it could be me but it's sort of slow to take a photo and then bounce back to scanning again. I'm sure these kinks will be worked out soon. Another downside, is when I hit about 800 points (you need 700 to get $5), it told me I hit my maximum and couldn't scan more. There are no details on the rules, so I was very unclear about how it works even when I went online to their website. Oh well, it's fun and I get stuff for scanning so hopefully this app pans out and I'll be getting many gift cards to put into good use with Christmas just around the corner!

Now, let's check out these deals!

Weekly shopping 

No Frills
- Melona bars $2.88
- Ragu $.99
- Puritan $.97
- dentyne gum $1.99
- coke cans $3.97  ($1 coupon ginger ale )
- 5lb clementines $3.77
- milk 2 go $.88 ($.50 printable coupon)
- black diamond cheese $2.47 ($.75 coupon from pc magazine) 

- prime boneless/skinless chicken breast $10
- blue/blackberries $1.97
- Bartlett pear $.97
- dunkaroos $1.97 ($1 coupon)
- pillsbury cookie dough $2
- Colgate optic white $1.97 ($1 coupon)

Price Chopper
- asparagus $1.77
- Dempster's bagels $1.77
- raspberries $1.77

- country harvest $1.99 

- blackberry/raspberry 3pks $5
- crest/Aquafresh $1

- coke/Pepsi $2.99 ($1 coupon for ginger ale) 
- blackberry/raspberry 3pks $5
- Catelli ww pasta 3 pks $5

- blueberries $1.48
- Classico sauce $1.88
- ritz/vegetable thins $1.88

Food Basics  
-  yop $.49
- raspberry/blackberry $1.25
- Swanson $1.44
- dunkaroos $1.77 ($1 coupon)
- honey bunches of oats $1.99 ($1 coupon)
- Purex liquid laundry detergent $2.97 ($1 printable coupon)

Till next time!

Eros And Pookie

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Shopping Deals October 25th, 2012!

Hi Everyone, 

I'm happy to say, I've finally received a few flyers this week from the mailman! I don't know why companies don't post their ads more than a day or two before the sale starts. Or why they don't always post them at the same time. I usually make these lists on Thursday but end up waiting till Friday to post, since I have to wait for the Canadian Tire ads to come online. 

There are some good sales out there this week. If you are planning to have a party or something around Christmas time and what not, there are some great pop deals to stock up on. I can't wait to stock up on Campbell's soup! We eat this more often during winter time when one of us gets sick. And if you haven't already used your $2 Resolve coupons, now is definitely the time to load up! It's now lower than $2, so you're basically making money (if you don't count tax yet). 

Take a peak below at this week's sales!

No Frills
- coke 18 cans $4.33
- bone in/skin on chicken breast $1.97/lb
- whole chicken $6.97
- red seedless grapes $.97/lb
- royal gala $.79/lb
- asparagus $1.99
- Puritan beef stew $.97
- dunkaroos $1.97 ($1 coupons)
- resolve $1.88 ($2 coupons)

- red seedless grapes $.97/lb
- Granny Smith $.97/lb
- Kraft dinners $1
- Aquafresh $1

Shoppers Drug Mart
- Dempster's ww bread $1.99

Price Chopper
- Blackberries $.99

- Campbell's $.44

- Dove 4x90g $2.88 ($2 printable coupons, if you haven't hit the printing max of two yet)
- tetley 2/$3
- dentyne/trident $1.97
- plantains $.59/lb

Giant Tiger
- country harvest $2

- whole chicken $5.99
- raspberries $1.99
- crispers $1

- coke and Pepsi 10-12 cans $2.99 ($1 coupons for either 10-12pk green tea or regular gingerale or $1 off 10pk of green tea gingerale)

Food Basics
-  mushrooms $.88
- Dempster's ww $1.99

Till next time!

Eros and Pookie

Diaper Tricycle Part 2

Hello Crafty Pinteresters,

I was invited to a last minute baby shower last week and couldn't go, so I decided to make a diaper tricycle once again for the mother to be. I figured it'll be more thoughtful and more affordable to go this route than just buying them a huge box of diapers and having it shipped to their house. This time I had a very strict budget (on account of the whole dog surgery thing), and used the right amount of diapers as in the tutorial. Honestly, the second time around was such a breeze! It's definitely harder doing it by yourself, but if you can find a second pair of hands to help you hold all the diapers as you add more to form your tires, you'll be golden!

All in all, it took about a little over an hour to complete. With two people, I'm sure you can get it down to 30 mins or less. Personally, the decorating of the tricycle will take the most time, I'm very particular and strive to be a perfectionist! I've yet to master the art of bow making! I had the wrong sized rubber bands that kept breaking apart while I was trying to put together the front wheel. Couple other issues,  I used smaller sized diapers which made it harder to keep the elastic in the centre on the tire. The blankets were also much thicker than previous ones I used and kept pushing the diapers in the centre out of place. Right now, it's a bit lopsided but I'm hoping tonight I'll be able to fix it up a bit, add a home made ribbon and fashion a travelling case for it out of cardboard.

 The supplies

The final product

Eros and Pookie

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Shopping Trip October 22, 2012! Lessons learned...

Hi Fellow Couponers,

I had a very good shopping trip on Monday! Was able to pick up some essentials that would hold me over for a little while. The trip itself was good but some issues with the cashier that wasn't so great! I'll go over in detail below.

I also wanted to note I learned a very important lesson this week! I learned the importance of organizing and keeping your business files! Here's the situation, I finally got paid for a commercial gig I did three weeks ago. The cheque issued was less than half of what I was expecting. I looked everywhere for a copy of the contract I signed the day of the shoot. Usually, I'm pretty good and will toss it into my purple accordion business folder and sort out any issues from there. But I hate to admit, I've been slacking and after looking all over the condo, I found the contract folded up at the bottom in a small pocket inside my backpack. I was literally stressing for about 10-15 mins about where this paper could be, cursing at myself for being lazy and not filing it. I was not looking forward to the thought of having to dip into my emergency, yet again to pay my end of the month bills. I'd have to say that I'm so thankful and happy that I started an emergency fund! I've never had the need to tap into it until this very month when Eros needed an unexpected major spinal surgery. Even though the whole point of the fund is to hold me over in times of need, as soon as I saw it grow to a decent amount I felt the momentum and wanted to do everything in my power to keep it untouched. Especially, being self-employed I can't stress enough how important it is to have an emergency fund to keep you from starving and out on the streets. On the bright side, I'm unionized and the missing money will come. I just can't wait to get it so I can make my fund whole again and you bet your butt I'll be filing each new document!

- Pineapple was pm'd for $1
- Natural deli meats were $3.97 each
- Crest Fluoride Rinse was pm'd $4.87 (where are those $1 off crest rinses when you need them!)
- Dempster's bread was $2 and we had a $1 off coupon 
- Various Classico pasta sauces were all $2 a piece. This was an amazing deal! Regularly I've seen them from anywhere from high $3 something to $5 a jar! I'm really excited to wash out these jars and use them for some pinterest crafts.
- Kraft crunchy peanut butter 1kg jar was pm'd $3.88. Pb has definitely gone way up this year, regularly it was priced for $6.77! That's $7 for pb! Insane!
- Honey Bunches of Oats were on sale for $2.44 each. I also had a $1 coupon, making them only $1.44 each. I've tried some and their pretty good!
- Stagg chili was pm'd for $1.88. I love chili and this can usually goes on sale for about $2, but $1.88 was a good deal and we have no more canned foods in our house.
- Iogo yougurt was $2.67 and I had a 75 cents coupon
- Royal Gala apples were pm'd for 97 cents a pound

Another issue I had this week was being overcharged for something that was price matched. When I cash out, I tell the cashier ahead of time that I have coupons and price matching items to do which are all located at the end of my haul. She had scanned in a jar of peanut butter at $6.77, when I had price matched them for $3.88 each. Essentially, I was charged for 3 jars when I only bought 2. Luckily, I happen to be checking out the receipt as I was about to walk out the door. I'm pretty good at watching them as they go, making sure mistakes aren't made but this cashier kept making mistakes and throwing me off. She didn't know how to punch in my coupon discounts! Basically, I went back to the cashier who directed me to customer service and wasted another 10 mins trying to get back my dough. I try to make a habit of double checking receipts on the way out. Another lesson learned! Charges like this can easily be over looked and all the couponing and price matching would be for nothing if you just paid whatever and left.

Making a diaper tricycle part 2! Tricycle on a budget! Details soon...

Eros And Pookie

Friday, 19 October 2012

Shopping Deals October 18, 2012!

Hi gang,

Not much going on this week with sales and coupons. Take a look below!

Weekly shopping 

No Frills
- Kraft pb 1kg $3.88
- maple leaf hot dogs $.88
- shrimp 340g $3.88
- pineapple $1.88
- broccoli $.88
- country harvest bread $1.88
- stagg chili $1.88
- Duncan Hines 2/$1.88
- pc blue menu omega 3 eggs $2.88
- honey bunches of oats $2.44 ($1 coupon)

- Classico sauce $2
- natural sliced meat $3.97
- romaine, green or red leaf lettuce $1

Shoppers Drug Mart
- arm and hammer detergent $2.99 ($1 coupon)

Price Chopper
- del monte canned veggies $.77
- Dolfino Harvarti cheese $2.99 ($.75 coupon)

- Bosc pear $.99/lb

- Bosc pear $.96/lb
- crest pro health $4.87
- qtips $2.88
- Kraft pb 500g $2.88
Food Basics  
-  pineapple $1
- royal gala $.97/lb

See you next time!

Eros And Pookie

Friday, 12 October 2012

Shopping Deals October 11, 2012!

Weekly shopping 

Not many deals this week! Check them out!

No Frills
- coke 6x710ml $1.97
- natural sandwich meats $3.99
- raspberries/blackberries 3/$5
- wonder bread $1.97
- bunch spinach $.87

- Dempster's ww $2
- head and shoulders $3.96
- q-tips $3 

Price Chopper
- muscot or red grapes $.99/lb

- neilson truetaste milk $3.99

- mushrooms $.88

Food Basics  
-  milk $3.88

Happy shopping!

Eros And Pookie

My Little Pinterest Birthday Present!

Hi Everyone,

I'll be posting about the coupons deals soon! But first, I wanted to share a little gift I made Winton for his birthday this week! I wanted something sentimental and handmade, cause I love making stuff! It's just so cool and fun!

I custom made a birthday card with a really cool phrase I found online on stumbleupon. I saw a tutorial on pinterest one day about how to make really cool fonts and designs with letters. I'm not a very good artist but I tried! I also noticed that having the right supplies really would of helped! I wish I had a set of micron pens!

The gift itself was a series of photos with Winton and each of his friends and their favourite memory of him written on the back. Sort of like a postcard, but they are put in individually numbered envelopes to give them a random/surprise factor. I liked the fact that he wouldn't know who the next "letter" was from! He just loves surprises!

 I had to given up on rotating the coloured felt cause I had an influx of photos and memories last minute.

 I went all over looking for old school envelopes with those blue and red boarders and luckily found some in Chinatown. I printed out giant numbers and traced them onto felt and cut them out. I really liked how they have a soft and popped out effect. I was going to tie all the envelopes together with string, like how in the olden days they would do that when you had several letters. I think I may have been watching too much Downton Abbey!

The final product! 

Winton really enjoyed this gift and I'd recommend it to anyone! He loved reading old memories of how his friends remembered them. He especially loved the fact that I had gotten in touch with people he doesn't often have a chance to see.

Till next time!

Eros and Pookie

Friday, 5 October 2012

Shopping Deals October 4th, 2012 with Turkey Roasting Tip!

Hello All,

Not much in the couponing world this week! There is the best deal for turkey this week that I've seen this year for 88 cents a pound. Didn't go grocery shopping last week since it was my birthday and Winton spoiled me by taking me out everyday. Not shopping this week either I'm afraid, with lots of Winton's family flying in from all over for a cousin's wedding this long weekend. Winton's birthday is also next week, so I'm sure there will be eating out some more. And hopefully, we'll be back to normal and won't eat out so much till Christmas! Fingers crossed! Let's hop to it!

Weekly shopping 

No Frills
- country harvest $1.47
- red/green grapes $.97/lb
- turkey gravy $.69
- breyers $2.43

- round cake caddy or 3 in 1 caddy $9.97
- 18' oval roaster with lid $9.97
- Tositos and salsa $2
- Bartlett or angler pears $.77/lb
- Dempster's whole grain $2.27

Price Chopper
- asparagus $1.77/lb
- dole crushed pineapple $.77

- Mushrooms $.99

- 10lb bag potatoes $1.98
- broccoli crowns $.98
- Kraft pb 500g $2.98

- honey bunches of oats $1.99 ($1 coupon)

Giant Tiger
- omega 3 eggs $3

Food Basics  
- turkey $.88/lb
- betty Crocker $.88
- Tostitos $1.97
- Kraft pb 500g $2.49
- apples $.88/lb

Oh, little tip for your turkey if your making it this weekend! I learned from a friend that the secret to a juicy turkey is flipping it over breast side down for the first hour or so, then flip it and roast like normal for the remaining time! You'll have one juicy turkey your family will thank you for! This works well for chicken too! The tricky part is trying to flip over a blazing humongous turkey when you're roasting it! I personally use two large tongs and a boyfriend! 

Happy Turkey Roasting!

Eros And Pookie

Friday, 28 September 2012

Shopping Trip and Deals September 28, 2012!

Hello Friends!

Everything I was expecting to pick up was sold out on Monday night. It really sucked! No coupons used this week, but at least I got some price matching done!

- Gum Packs $1.87 each
- Vachon Cakes are $1.97
- Dempster's bread pm'd at $1.99
- Pringles were $1.50
- Pears were pm'd at 79 cents/lb
- Aquafresh was pm'd at 99 cents each
- Colgate pm'd at 88 cents each

Not too many deals going on this week! But, there are still a few items worth picking up! 

Weekly shopping 

No Frills
- turkey $.95/lb
- royale 30 rolls $4.77 ($1 coupon)
- chicken breast $3.44/lb
- red/green grapes $.97/lb
- Breyers $2.44
- turkey gravy $.69
- Catelli healthy harvest $1.47

- betty Crocker $1

Shoppers Drug Mart
- Dempster's $1.99

Price Chopper
- royal gala $.98/lb

- Arm and hammer detergent $2.99 ($1 coupon) 

- Gay lea $2.88

- lady speed stick $1.97 ($1 off)

Food Basics  
- prime chicken $5
- raspberries 2/$3
- yams $.88/lb
- cucumber $.88
- Dempster's $1.99

See you next week!

Eros and Pookie

Friday, 21 September 2012

Shopping Deals September 20, 2012!

Hi Y'all!

Some good deals this week, such as buying a Fantasik cleaner and getting a Scrubbinng bubbles free! Hopefully, Walmart won't run out by Monday when I get a chance to go there. Some other good deals too! Let's check 'em out!

Weekly shopping 

No Frills
- t-bone steaks $4.97/lb
- raspberries $1.47
- fresh whole chicken $6.97
- no name sliced cured pork loin $2.99
- pineapple $1.77
- asparagus $1.99
- romaine, red or green lettuce $.57
- Bosc or Bartlett $.79/lb
- Kraft dinner $.67
- Kraft shredded cheese $5.97
- Clorox 2 $1.77 ($1 off coupon)

- frozen turkey $.97/lb
- 5 ok chicken breast $9
- aylmer canned tomatoes $1
- mini potatoes $2
- vachon snack cakes $1.97
- fresh attitude salad 2/$4
- 8 ok twix $1
- chips ahoy/Oreo $1.67
- dentyne or trident $1.87

Shoppers Drug Mart
- Aquafresh 90mL $.99
- Dempster's ww $1.99

Price Chopper
- fresh ground beef $1.87/lb
- liquid plumber $1.99

- Stayfree Pads $1.99 ($2 printable coupon
- Colgate toothpaste $.88

- Campbell's soup $.59
- fantasik and scrubbing bubbles $1.99 (buy one get one free)
- country harvest $1.99

- broccoli crowns $.99
- Dempster's bagel $1.84

Food Basics  
- coke 6x720ml $2
- tropicana $4
- hunt's $1 ($1 off printable wub2 from smart source)
- Barilla pasta $1 ($.75 off coupon)

Eros And Pookie

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Shopping Trip September 17, 2012

Hi Everyone,

Did a major grocery shopping trip on Monday! Wow, it really adds up when you don't shop each week. Not to mention, it was pretty busy last night and I got a new cashier who was questioning my every purchase, coupon and price matching. Here's what I got!

- Passion Flakie and Jos Louis are $1.97 each
- Trident gum $1.87 each 
- Minute Maid frozen juices were 4 for $2, and I had buy two and get $1 off coupons 
(so they were FREE!)
- Oreo's $1.67
- Dove body wash was $2.88 each with $2 off coupon, making them $.88 a bottle
- Dawn dish soap was $1.67 and when you buy two you get $1 off. Making them $1.17 each, not the best deal but my mom was in desperate need of some dish soap
- Chipits are pm'd are $2.29 each
- Black diamond cheese pm'd at $4.99
- Old El Paso taco kit was FREE with mailed coupon (I think it was from or Websaver)
- Mushrooms are $1
- Catelli Healthy Harvest Pasta was pm'd for $1 something (I forget, sorry!)

This week's deals coming soon!

Eros And Pookie

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Shopping Deals September 13, 2012 with Last Week's Mini Shopping Trip!

Hello Fellow Couponers,

This week was an expensive MRI week for my dog, so the usual Monday's grocery shopping turned out to be a day spent hanging out in Mississauga waiting for him. I did manage to get a chance to head back to Jane-Finch mall to pick up a few things at the grocery stores. Too bad I didn't drive, so I had to carry everything back home via the TTC and didn't get very much. 

- Tetley Tea was pm'd for two for $3
- Black Diamond Almonds are $2 each
- Tampax Compak are $3.68 each with $1 off coupon for each
- Also, got two FREE Resolve Spray and Wash that I gave to my Mom

This week's shopping deals are as follows:

No Frills
- Lactania Butter $2.88
- whole eye of round roast $1.97
- Shrimp 340g $3.99
- Red/Black plums $.97/lb
- chipit's $2.29
- Catelli healthy harvest $1.47
- peaches $.97/lb
- country harvest $1.99

- Tide $3.97 ($1 off coupon)
- dove body wash $2.88 ($2 off coupon)
- mushroom $1
- carrots $1
- Brita 4pk $18
- Dawn 709ml $1.67 ($1 off wub 2)
- Hershey Halloween candy 70pk $6.97

Shoppers Drug Mart
- Arm and hammer $3.99 ($1 off coupon)

Price Chopper
-  sunlight 500ml $1
- ivory soap 3 $1
- Colgate toothpaste 85-100 $1
- tetley 2/$3
- Dempster's bagels $2
- Asian pears $.88/lb
- pineapples $2
- wonderful pistachio $3

- Lou's peameal $4
- minute maid punch 4/$2 ($1 off wub 2) FREE

Giant Tiger
- irish spring $1.49

- Kraft pb 500g $1.88
- Kraft singles $1.88

Food Basics  need photos
- minute maid 10 $1.99 ($1 off coupon)
- royal gala $.88/lb
- green seedless grapes $.88/lb

Eros And Pookie