Friday, 27 July 2012

Shopping Deals July 26, 2012

Hi Everyone. Unfortunately, all I was able to get last Friday afternoon at No Frills was two cases of Neatea pop ($2.88 each) and a couple cans of Tetley tea ($2 each). At least, the Nestea had an offer for buy one get one Cineplex movie tickets, which made me feel a bit better. I knew the No Frills on Front Street was finicky but I tried to price match the $2 Resolve but was told they do not price match Zellers. I've had difficulties with this store previously, but it just happens to be the closest one to me and I was passing by on my way to The TNT Night Market. I didn't even go grocery shopping, since our Costco trip gave us so much eggs and chicken breast etc. that held us through the week. Let's take a look at this week's deals! Weekly shopping  Giant Tiger  - cobblestone ribs $5.97 No Frills - blueberry pint $1.44 - English cucumbers $.88 - baby carrots $.88 - chapman's 4L $3.88 Walmart - 3pk briga filters $16 - 3L basket peaches $3.47 - kiwi 1kg $1.97 - miniwheats centers $2.97 ($1.50 off coupons) - dove visible body wash $2 ($2 off when you buy 2 or $2 off any body wash coupon) - Ultra Sheer Neutrogena sunscreen $9.97 Shoppers Drug Mart - Thinsations $1.99 ($1.50 off coupon) Price Chopper - chapman's collection $1.97 - whole chicken $1.88/lb - seedless cucumber $.79 - red seedless grapes $.99/lb - corn 4/$1 Food Basics  - red or green seedless grapes $.97/lb - cherries $1.88/lb - Dempster's bread $1.99 Superstore - trutaste milk 4L $4 - country harvest bread $2.28 Metro - Classico pasta sauce $1.99 Eros And Pookie

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Shopping Deals July 20, 2012

Hi Fellow Couponites! Last week there were unfortunately no deals to report. There was one so so deal on a six pack of Royale Tissue for $3.99, but I figured I'd hold out for the better sale of $2.99. We also did our shopping this week at Costco, and since they don't take any coupons but their own it was a pretty pricey trip! However, we did manage to stock up on foods we can't buy elsewhere such as Liberte single serving Greek Yogurt, a 24 pack of Baby Bel cheese rounds for $9.99 etc. Foods we eat often can be a lot cheaper when buying in bulk, as long as you don't get bored of eating the same thing. This weeks there is an amazing deal for Resolve cleaning product at $2, which also has a matching coupon of $2! Which makes it free! Minus having to pay the taxes of course! This one will be tricky and definitely the early bird gets the worm kinda situation. Since, I usually do my shoppings on Mondays and sometimes Wednesdays, I'm going to try and make a special trip to get some of these fabulous freebies! If you didn't get a chance to clip the coupon from a Smart Source flyer, you can print up to two from their website on page two. You can only print two, but I find when I print at work I can sneak another two coupons in that way. So, let's see what we've got for this week! Weekly shopping  No Frills - Nestea 12pk $2.88 - shopsy's hot dogs $1.88 - mushrooms $.88 - royal gala/granny smith $.88/lb - baby carrots $.88 - dentyne 4pk gum $1.88 - chapmans 8pk cones $2.88 Walmart - cherries $1.47/lb Price Chopper - Dove Soap $2.99 bars and body wash ($2 off coupon) Food Basics  - Europe's best frozen fruit $2.47 ($1 off coupon) - Kraft pb $3.33 - strawberries $1.25/lb Fortinos - Kraft shredded cheese $3.99 Superstore - Firecracker popsicle $2.97 - tetley tea $2 - bush beans 4 cabs/$5 (50 cent off coupon or $1 wub2) Loblaws - Chapmans fudge $.99 Zellers - resolve 2/$4 ($2 off coupons) Good Luck on the Resolve this week! Eros And Pookie

Friday, 13 July 2012

Walmart Shopping Trip July 11, 2012

Hi Gang,

I had an amazing shopping trip this past week at Walmart! The cashier was really sweet and she was really patient with my pm-ing/couponing. I wish I wasn't limited to printing only two coupons online, otherwise I would of bought ten of those packs of Dove soap bars. Let's get down to it, shall we?

- Pears, red and black plums were PM'd for 77 cents a pound. We a great deal! And we just love fruit!
- Minute Maid pink lemonades were also PM'd for 77 cents a can, but with $1 WUB 2 cans. They were just 27 cents a can. Not as good as the free it was before but 27 cents is a small price to pay for the flavour I wanted most.
- Raspberries were pre-PM'd for me at $1.97. I love when Walmart finds out a competitor has a lower price and will lower theirs when you get to the store. So, it saves you having to ask for PM-ing yourself.
- Dove soap bars were $2.99 for a pack of 4 bars. I had two $2 off printable coupons, so they were 99 cents each pack. These were an amazing deal, since all we use is Dove soap!
- Dove body wash was also $2.99, and I had a $2 printable coupon for this as well. So, this was also 99 cents. I'm so happy I found the right size bottle that had the little bath bead things. I just love those!
- Kashi Snack Crackers were $2.97, regular price (ouch!) but with a $2 off coupon I got from I can't remember where. They turned out to be 97 cents. 
- Two protein bars were $2 something. They were both free from a coupon I cut out. I believe it was either some Smart Source or Red Plum.

Eros and Pookie

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Our Walmart Shopping Trip July 4th, 2012

Hi Fellow Couponers!

We did all our shopping at Walmart this week! Check out the deals I picked up!

Hellman's Olive Oil Mayonnaise PM'd at Price Chopper at for $2.99
Kraft Ranch Salad Dressing was $1.97
Dove Bar Soap 4 x 90g's was $3.47 and I bought two with two $2 off coupons. Making each set of four $1.47. This was a great deal, since we only use dove soap and they can get pretty pricey!
Parlour ice cream was $2.44
Dempster's bread was PM'd for $1.99 at Shopper Drug Mart
BioBest Plant Sterols Yogurt Drink (I forget how much it was), but I had a $1 off coupon from buying this product previously.
Tetley Tea was PM'd for $2.49
Bush's Beans were $1.27 and I had 50 cent off coupons for each can.

Shopping Deals July 5th, 2012

Hi Everyone,

Not that many great coupon deals this week but if you're a user of Dove products this is the week to stock up!

No Frills
- janes pub style chicken $4.88 ($2 printables)
- peaches, plums $.77/lb
- minute maid lemonade $.77 ($1 off wub 2)
- Ragu $.97
- watermelon $3.99
- breyers mrs fields $3.99

- Epsom salt
- 2lb strawberries $3
- 1kg kiwi $1.97
- Dempster's ww bread $1.97

Price Chopper
- Biobest plant sterols 8x90ml $3.97 ($1 off from packaging)
- dove soap 4x90g $2.99 ($2 off printable coupons)
- dove body wash $2.99 ($2 off printable coupons)
- 1lb strawberries $1.44

Food Basics 
- cherries $1.77/lb
- lactantia 4L milk $4.99
- Kraft shredded cheese $5.99
- Bosc pears $.88
- raspberries 170g $1.97

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Shopping Deals June 28, 2012

Hi Fellow Couponers, Here's what I'm planning to pick up this week! They have the same sale again this week for the 6 pack of Mini-go yogurt, two for $3. I still haven't eaten my way through the ones I bought last week so I'll be passing on this deal. Weekly shopping  No Frills - mushrooms $1 - egg muffins $2 - dove x 2 90gs $2 - glad 5 or 8's $3 - dentyne gum $2 Walmart - 2 whole chickens $10 - crab legs $20 - dempsters bagels $2 - kraft shredded cheese $5.97  - chapmans collection comes $2.97 - brita filters x 3 $16 - dove 4x 90g $3.47 ($2 off coupon) Shoppers Drug Mart - Royale Tissue 6 $3.77 ($1 off coupon) - Dempster's bread $1.99 Price Chopper - Parlour $2.44 - Hellman's 750-890mL $2.99 - five Alive, fruitopia $.88 (buy 2 get $1 off coupon) Fresh co - fruitopia, five alive, Nestea $.88 (buy 2 get $1 off) Fortinos - Kraft salad dressing 414/475mL $1.99 - Tetly $2.49 Zellers - brita filters 2 $9.99 Eros And Pookie