Thursday, 28 March 2013

Shopping Deals for Mar 28, 2013!

Hello All,

Practically nothing going on in the coupon world this week! The most exciting thing I'm looking forward to, is picking up 88 cent aluminum foil from Shoppers! No Sunlight detergent for me, as I gave away my coupons for it. I'd say it's an ok deal, not the greatest as I'm pretty sure I picked it up for $1.97 before. Let's go have a looksy, shall we?

Weekly Shopping

No Frills
- sunlight $3.97 ($1.50 coupon)
- miracle whip $2.97 ($1 coupon)
- mushrooms $.97

- Bartlett pears $.77/lb
- vachon snacks $2
- Robin Hood or five roses flour $3.97
- twizzlers $2
- Campbell's cooking soups $1
- majesta paper towels $2.97
Shoppers Drug Mart
- Alcan foil $.88
- neilson truetaste $3.49 ($2 checkout51)

Price Chopper
- ritz and triscuits $.97
- seedless cucumbers $.67
- green seedless grapes $.99/lb
- broccoli $.99
- Dempster's $2.29"

- ritz and Triscuit $.97
- seedless grapes $.99/lb
- broccoli $.99

- asparagus $1.69/lb
- gay lea gold sour cream $1.99 ($1

- country harvest $1.58
- royal gala and Granny Smith $1.28/lb

Food Basics
- bananas $.29/lb
- 1 kg Kraft peanut butter $2.88
- cavendish russet potatoes 5 lb $1

Canadian Tire
- sugar $1.49 sat mar 30 only

Eros And Pookie

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Shopping Trip Mar 25, 2013!

Hi Gang!

Man! I went to two different No Frills the other day and they were all out of toothbrushes! So sad! And I was amazed to see that they still had the Checkout51 rebates available! Good thing those No Frills were on my way home and I didn't specifically go there for toothbrushes or I'd be even more disappointed! I was able to pick up a few great deals this week! Let's go see!

 - Popcorn pm'd $2.99 with $1 off from Checkout51
- Heniz Beans 97 cents
- Whipping Cream $5.98! Ouch! Saw the big sticker price for $3.97! Damn, I need to pay more attention at the cash!
- Highliner Fish $6.97
- Royal Gala pm'd $1.28/lb
- Fuji apples 97 cents/lb
- Dole Salad $3.99 with $1 off from Checkout51
- PC Angus Meatballs $4.97
- Dole Slice Pineapple 77 cents each
- Broccoli 77 cents
- Mastro EVOO $3.97

- I love hitting up Rabba late Friday night for their Saturday specials! They had so much bacon in stock and I was all giddy that no one knew they were 99 cents! Bahahah! Yeah, I'm totally a nerd! So what?!
- Bacon $2.99 each with $2 off on Checkout51

- Also, at Rabba Renee's Salad dressing was $2.99 and then used a Checkout51 of $2. Gourmet salad dressing for 99 cent each isn't too shabby!

Eros And Pookie

Friday, 22 March 2013

Shopping Deals Mar 21, 2013!!

Hi All,

Good news! I am officially OSAP free! It honestly feels so amazing not to have that student loan on my shoulders! I haven't had any consumer debt in over a year so I'm pretty much done! I feel like I do have sort of a debt to top up my RRSP contributions and Emergency Fund. Any hoo, it feels amazing to start fresh and new! I'm going to write about the things I did that helped me get debt free faster in another blog post when I have some more time!

This week there isn't much going on in the coupon world! There are three amazing deals with Checkout51 this week! I will probably one get to pick up one of them as I'm sure the other two would run out by the end of the day! There are two free items this week at No Frills, Corn Flakes cereal and Colgate toothbrushes! The one I'll be getting is the 99 cent Maple Leaf Bacon from Rabba. Mmmmm bacon!

Weekly Shopping

No Frills
- whole eye round roast $1.97/lb
- piller's Black Forest $1.97/lb
- raw shrimp 340g $2.97
- green seedless grapes $.88/lb
- fresh whole chicken $2.47/lb
- sirloin tip steak $4.87/lb
- pc meatballs $4.97
- broccoli $.8
- blackberries 4/$5
- high liner signature fish $6.97
- Colgate toothbrush $1 (checkout51 $1)
- Heinz beans $.97
- bunch spinach $.87
- green giant $1.97
- dole pineapple $.77
- Mastro evoo 1L $3.97

- turkey $.87/lb
- bistro potatoes 5lb $1
- English muffins $1.57
- crab legs $20
Shoppers Drug Mart
- Thinsations $1.99

Price Chopper
- chicken breast $1.97/lb
- Lou's peameal $3.99
- Grace soda $.49
- broccoli crowns $.99/lb

- chicken breast $1.97/lb
- sealtest milk $3.97
- Mastro evoo 1L $3.97
- Orville popcorn 6 $2.99 ($1 checkout51)
- Lou's peameal $3.99
- grace soda $.49
- broccoli crowns $.99/lb

- sugar $1.77
- royal gala/granny smith $1.28/lb
- high liner seared $6.98

- whipping cream 500mL $2.50

Food Basics
- broccoli $.77/lb

- maple leaf bacon $2.99 ($2 checkout51)

Eros And Pookie

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Shopping Trip Mar 19, 2013!!

Hi Gang,

I got some great deals this week! I also did the coupon matching for this upcoming shopping week, but still waiting on the Canadian Tire Flyer to come out tomorrow before I post! So far, the two best deals for this week is the free toothbrush and free cornflakes both at No Frills with a Checkout51 rebate.

I also realized that Walmart's price matching is better than No Frills because it actually has the name of the product with the price adjusted which is better for taking photos with Checkout51. However, I did try to price match the ground beef at Walmart and they gave me a hard since they don't package and price the meat by weight. I was also given a hard time about using my iPad to price match and stuff, it was a bit of a headache even though I do it pretty much every week. In the hustle and bustle of organizing my purchases, I didn't notice they charged me twice for mushrooms. I was kinda ticked but I didn't need to cause further aggravation by trying to get back $1. Well, I did come out of the store with some great deals so let's see!

- Tostitos pm'd $2.50 and used Checkout51 $1.50. It's a dollar not 50 cents like I said last week
- Cracker Barrel pm'd $4.44
 - Grace soda pm'd 4 for $2
- Mushrooms pm'd $1
- Country Harvest $2, didn't get the Checkout51 rebate since they were out
- Betty Crocker cake mix 88 cents each
- Better Crocker frosting 88 cents each
- Tetley Tea pm'd $2
- Prime Stuffed Chicken Breasts $2 each
- 4 X Various Baby clothes at $1 each. What an amazing deal in the clearance section
- Baby onesie $3
- Cheetos $2
- Indian Cooking Sauce $2.97
- Classico Pasta sauce $2
- Ketchup pm'd $3
- 6 X Grab and Snack Lunchmates at $1 each
- Pears pm'd at 77 cent/lb
- 2 X Oikos pm'd $3.49 each with $1.50 from Checkout51 on two iPhones.
- Nutrigrain $1.97

Forgot to add this to the picture! Dental Floss $1.47 each with each 50 cents off.

Eros and Pookie

Friday, 15 March 2013

Shopping Deals Mar 14, 2013!

Good Morning Frugal Friends!

I had a bad experience with Checkout51 this week! They didn't accept my Glade Candles and Kraft Single Cheese receipts! That really sucked! It was a good lesson to stop chasing deals and grab things I really need. I'm constantly eating cheese in my sandwiches, so it was on sale and the rebate would of been nice but I needed it anyways. The candle, not so much! There is another deal with the Glade sense and spray that's a $5 money maker this week, and I'm sooo leaving that sale alone! I'm glad the Country Harvest coupons are back each week it seems, I just hope they don't run out so fast like last week! I also just ordered a bunch of coupons this week! There is a good deal on Gain detergent this week! I honestly don't know how much laundry my mom does at home but she is constantly telling me she needs soaps of all kinds, particularly bar soap! And man, it's hard to find any and I've been keeping my eyes out!

Back to the list! There are a few good deals this week! Like, Tostitos nacho chips for 50 cents, Gillette shaving cream for 99 cents and Advil for $1.97. Go check it out!

Weekly Shopping

No Frills
- lean ground beef $2/lb
- strawberries 2 for $2
- grab and snack $1
- dole spring mix $2
- country harvest $2 ($1 checkout51) 
- cheese strings $2
- grace soda 4/$2
- Kraft peanut butter $2

- 2pk whole chicken $12
- Bartlett pears $.77/lb
- mushrooms $1
- red delicious $.97/lb
Shoppers Drug Mart
- lays $1.99
- Dempster's bread $1.99

Price Chopper
- Nestea 12 cans $3
- tetley $2
- Cheetos $2

- Nestea 12 cans $3
- tetley $2
- Cheetos $2

- seedless green grapes $.99/lb
- large grade A eggs $1.99
- red path sugar $1.88
- pc whole chicken $1.99/lb
- oikos $3.49 ($1.50 checkout51)
- Mastro evoo $3.33
- attitude spring mix salad $2.97

- raspberries $1.88
- pc large raw white zipper back shrimp 454g $4.98
- club pack chicken breast bone in $1.98/lb
- advil muscle and joint $4.97 ($3 Websaver coupon)
- pc organic bananas $.77/lb

- satin care Gillette $1.99 ($1 of brandsaver coupon)

Giant Tiger
- Lindt excellence 100g $2.50
- Tostitos $2.50 ($1.50 checkout51)
- Heinz ketchup 750-1L $3

- coke or Pepsi 6x710 $1.99

Food Basics  
- fresh chicken breast bone in $1.88
- Betty Crocker cake mix or frosting $.88
- sponge towels econo $2.88
- green seedless grapes $.95/lb
- smuckers jam 310-500ml $2.99
- Heinz ketchup 1.5L $3.99
- miracle whip 650-890mL
$2.99 ($1 save.a coupon) 

Eros and Pookie

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Shopping Trip Mar 11, 2013!

Hi Guys!

I had a great shopping trip last night! Amazing! Surprisingly, all I used was two coupons and most was price matching and Checkout51 but the cashier was good and quick! Only thing is, I later realized with my price matching, she did something where the name of the product did not show up on the receipt and instead showed up as "reduced grocery." Long story short, I wanted the free Glade candles and found out Saturday night there was zero left on checkout51, but before I went shopping I doubled checked what was left and saw they added more. After I finished checking out I quickly snapped the shots of my receipt and sent it off to them. My Kraft Singles was price matched and I should get my Checkout51 $2 rebate but the name doesn't appear! Grrr! I even made sure I had only one of each product on this receipt! Ah oh well, just me working out the kinks of this whole online system! I'll eventually get use to it! Let's see this week's haul!

No Frills
- Kettle Chips X 2 at $2 each
- Silani Sliced Cheddar X 2 at $2 each
- Schneider's Natural Hot Dogs $2
- Broccoli pm'd at 88 cents
- Piller's Simply Free Sliced Meat $4.99 and used $1.50 on Checkout51
- Patty King mini patties $2
- Grab N Snack X 6 at $1 each
- Country Harvest bread $2 hate that Checkout51 ran out of the $1 coupons :( Boooo-urns!
- Mushrooms pm'd 88 cents
- PC Green Curry Sauce $2.99
- PC Blue Menu Butter Chicken Sauce $2.99
- Campbell's Condensed Soups 4 for $2
- Weight Watchers bread $3.49 and used $1 coupon
- Grace Island Soda 4 for $2
- Prime Stuffed Frozen Chicken Breasts X 4 at $2 each
- Thinsations pm'd at $1.77
- Glade Candles X 2 pm'd at $2.99 and used tear pad coupon for bogo free AND checkout51 $3 rebate so FREE!
- Breyer's ice cream X 2 at $2 each
- Kraft Singles Cheese pm'd at $2.99 and submitted for Checkout51 $2 off so hopefully I get it :(
- Bartlett Pears pm'd at 99 cents/lb
- High Liner Fish Fillets pm'd for $6.99
- Cheese Strings $2

Eros And Pookie

Friday, 8 March 2013

Shopping Deals Mar 8, 2013!

Good Morning Couponers,

A few good deals this week that I'm looking forward to picking up! I'm glad the Country Harvest bread is available on checkout51 for $1! I'm also excited to pick up ice cream for $2! Man, I love ice cream! Go check out what's in store for us this week! No pun intended :)

Weekly shopping

No Frills
- coke or Pepsi 6 x 710mL $2
- Breyers Classic $2
- grab and snack $1
- king crab flavoured or scallops $2
- mini watermelon $2
- dole spring mix $2
- country harvest bread $2 (checkout51 $1)
- cheese strings $2
- grace island soda 4/$2
- Campbell's soup 4/$2
- kettle chips $2
- chicken breast $2/lb
- sausages $2/lb
- 20lb bag white potato $2
- Philadelphia cheese dips $2 ($1 coupon) 

- broccoli $1
- Dempster's bread $2.27
Shoppers Drug Mart
- lays $1.99
- Dempster's bread $1.99

Price eChopper
- fresh whole chicken $1.88/lb
- Bartlett pears $.99/lb

- 18 cans of coke or Pepsi $3.97
- whole chicken $1.88/lb
- Bartlett $.99/lb

- crest optic white $1.88 ($1 coupon)

- Greek yogurt honey bunches of oats 2/$5 ($1 coupon)

- naval oranges $.57/lb
- Charmin 60 rolls $12.97 ($.50 coupon)
- Colgate/Aquafresh $1

- jumbo broccoli $.99 each

Giant Tiger
- thinsations $1.77

- coke or Pepsi 6x710 $1.99

- Kraft singles Cheese $2.99 ($2
Checkout51, $1 coupon for white cheddar singles)
- cheese whiz $2.99 ($1.50)

Food Basics  
- mushrooms $.88
- broccoli $.88/lb
- Nutrigrain $1.88
- high liner fish $6.99

Eros And Pookie

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Shopping Trip Mar 4, 2013!

Hello Fellow Deal Hunters,

I had a pretty good shopping trip this week! As you can probably tell we've been doing practically every other week of grocery shopping. Which isn't too great on the wallets, as we've been eating out here and there. I don't particularly mind when there isn't much time or family comes over. My mom has been coming over a lot lately and even though we plan to eat at home, we end up going out cause she wants something in particular. She's rarely downtown and she brings my dog with her.

Ok, back to shopping business! I was really excited to get the deals I was hoping for! I also forgot that it was one receipt per item purchased if you're using Checkout51. Which really really sucks! They should have a 5 purchase limit. Let's see what we picked up at No Frills and Walmart.

- 2 X Royale Tissue pack of 6 boxes $3.97 each used a $1 coupon. We always run low in the strangest times, I currently have a bunch of these $1 coupons but when I want to get them on sale for $2.99 and use the coupons I never have them!
- 2 X Honey Bunches of Oats pm'd $1.99, each used with $1 coupons. Yummy!
- Milk on sale for $3.88
- Dad's cookies pm'd $2.50 and used Checkout51 for $2 rebate. Amazing price!
- Broccoli Crowns pm'd for 99 cents/lb
- Redpath sugar pm'd $1.77
- 2 X Tubes Yogurt pm'd $1.74 with Checkout51 rebate 50 cents each. I made Winton an account and used his iphone to get another 50 cents off for the second box. I had another 50 cent coupon and realized at the check out is was expired! I really hate that! I need to keep on top of my coupon binder!
- Tennis balls 3pk were $1. Great to stock up for summer fun with Eros!
- Parlour ice cream pm'd $2.99. Can't wait to make my own cake flavoured ice cream. I'm winging how it's being done too! I'm hoping you can't really go wrong with cake bits, ice cream and frosting mixed together. 
- Royal Gala apple's 97 cents/lb
- Oranges 57 cents/lb
- Weight Watchers bread $3.59 and used $1 coupon. Ouch on the price, but Winton really wanted it and I was happy to be prepared by finding these coupons!
- Country Harvest bread pm'd $1.88 and received 75 cents off! Whoo hooo! Amazing price for bread I really love! 
- Blueberries were 4 for $5

On a personal note, I'm about three months away from being completely debt free, well more like OSAP free! I don't carry credit card debt anymore since last March! I'm super duper excited! I can't wait to free up some nights to just relax and enjoy life instead of working multiple jobs six days a week. and sometimes more if more shifts are offered. 

Eros and Pookie