Thursday, 21 March 2013

Shopping Trip Mar 19, 2013!!

Hi Gang,

I got some great deals this week! I also did the coupon matching for this upcoming shopping week, but still waiting on the Canadian Tire Flyer to come out tomorrow before I post! So far, the two best deals for this week is the free toothbrush and free cornflakes both at No Frills with a Checkout51 rebate.

I also realized that Walmart's price matching is better than No Frills because it actually has the name of the product with the price adjusted which is better for taking photos with Checkout51. However, I did try to price match the ground beef at Walmart and they gave me a hard since they don't package and price the meat by weight. I was also given a hard time about using my iPad to price match and stuff, it was a bit of a headache even though I do it pretty much every week. In the hustle and bustle of organizing my purchases, I didn't notice they charged me twice for mushrooms. I was kinda ticked but I didn't need to cause further aggravation by trying to get back $1. Well, I did come out of the store with some great deals so let's see!

- Tostitos pm'd $2.50 and used Checkout51 $1.50. It's a dollar not 50 cents like I said last week
- Cracker Barrel pm'd $4.44
 - Grace soda pm'd 4 for $2
- Mushrooms pm'd $1
- Country Harvest $2, didn't get the Checkout51 rebate since they were out
- Betty Crocker cake mix 88 cents each
- Better Crocker frosting 88 cents each
- Tetley Tea pm'd $2
- Prime Stuffed Chicken Breasts $2 each
- 4 X Various Baby clothes at $1 each. What an amazing deal in the clearance section
- Baby onesie $3
- Cheetos $2
- Indian Cooking Sauce $2.97
- Classico Pasta sauce $2
- Ketchup pm'd $3
- 6 X Grab and Snack Lunchmates at $1 each
- Pears pm'd at 77 cent/lb
- 2 X Oikos pm'd $3.49 each with $1.50 from Checkout51 on two iPhones.
- Nutrigrain $1.97

Forgot to add this to the picture! Dental Floss $1.47 each with each 50 cents off.

Eros and Pookie

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