Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Shopping Trip Mar 25, 2013!

Hi Gang!

Man! I went to two different No Frills the other day and they were all out of toothbrushes! So sad! And I was amazed to see that they still had the Checkout51 rebates available! Good thing those No Frills were on my way home and I didn't specifically go there for toothbrushes or I'd be even more disappointed! I was able to pick up a few great deals this week! Let's go see!

 - Popcorn pm'd $2.99 with $1 off from Checkout51
- Heniz Beans 97 cents
- Whipping Cream $5.98! Ouch! Saw the big sticker price for $3.97! Damn, I need to pay more attention at the cash!
- Highliner Fish $6.97
- Royal Gala pm'd $1.28/lb
- Fuji apples 97 cents/lb
- Dole Salad $3.99 with $1 off from Checkout51
- PC Angus Meatballs $4.97
- Dole Slice Pineapple 77 cents each
- Broccoli 77 cents
- Mastro EVOO $3.97

- I love hitting up Rabba late Friday night for their Saturday specials! They had so much bacon in stock and I was all giddy that no one knew they were 99 cents! Bahahah! Yeah, I'm totally a nerd! So what?!
- Bacon $2.99 each with $2 off on Checkout51

- Also, at Rabba Renee's Salad dressing was $2.99 and then used a Checkout51 of $2. Gourmet salad dressing for 99 cent each isn't too shabby!

Eros And Pookie

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