Thursday, 30 May 2013

Shopping Deals May 30, 2013!

Greetings Saavy Shoppers,

I'm looking forward to picking up some cleaning supplies this week! Saw a good deal on Mr. Clean products at Walmart. It would be a great way to kick off some spring cleaning around here by getting some great deals on supplies! I see that No Frills is repeating most of their $1 sales again, they seem to always continue the deals the week after I noticed. I'm glad to see that sugar and ketchup is on sale too! We're running super low on these. If you haven't had a chance yet to pick up the cheap Dove soap, you'll be able to this week! 

On another note, did you guys notice how green the pineapples were from last week's sale? I was in a rush to eat them since I love pineapple, but hate the unripen/soury taste. Here's a tip! Once you've removed the skin from the pineapple, chop in desired pieces and throw them in the frying pan on medium heat for a few minutes. You'll see they turn a bit darker yellow in colour, throw on some cinnamon and voila! Tasty, healthy pineapple treat everyone's going to love! Optional, if you have some coconut milk, let the pineapple marinate and absorb the tasty sweet flavours and then fry. Grilling works too! Enjoy!

Go check out all the great deals this week!

No Frills
- boneless pork loins $1/lb
- Kraft dinners 2/$1
- Kraft BBQ sauce 2/$1
- grab and snack $1
- Marc Angelo pork souvlaki $1
- corn 4/$1
- Andy boy romaine hearts $1
- old mill bagels/no name English muffins $1
- kj dumplings $1.87

- gala or Granny Smith $.97/lb
- broccoli $1.27
- mini red potatoes $2
- Campbell's condensed soups $.77
- mr clean products $1.97 ($1 or $2.50 wub2 products brandsaver)

Price Chopper
- black diamond cheese $3.77
- red path sugar $1.97
- natural selections $3.99
- fresh attitude salads $2.49

- black diamond cheese $3.77
- redpath sugar $1.97
- natural selections $3.99

- Lactania butter $2.99

- pc orange juice $3.47
- dove body wash or bar soap $2.97 ($2 printables from fb)
- iogo $4.97 ($.75 go coupons or

- sugar $1.77

Giant Tiger
- country Harvest $1.97
- fantastik $1.99 (bogo free
- deep and delicious $2

- mushrooms $.99
- raspberries 2/$4

Food Basics
- Heinz ketchup $2.99
- Deli fresh $2.99
- vachon cakes $1.99 ($.50 checkout51)
- Dempster's bagels 2/$5 ($1.50 Websaver and $1 checkout51)
- egg creations $1.99 ($1

Eros And Pookie

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