Thursday, 23 May 2013

Shopping Deals May 23, 2013!

Hi Guys!

I just firstly wanted to say if you haven't tried batch cooking... DO IT! It's such a time saver! If your like me and you are all groggy and slow in the mornings, batch cooking is like the lazy girl's way to saving money! I've been doing a bit of it here and there but lately I've been more on top of my cooking! Last weekend in my spare time I baked about a couple dozen oatmeal chocolate chip muffins, froze them and thawed one or two (they're small) for immediate consumption the morning of. I shouldn't say thawed, but more like slowly rebaked while I was getting ready for work. I've also been making larger portions of certain dinners when I can and packaging the extra as lunch for the next day. I know it can be tedious to be eating the same thing twice in a row, so that's why I still bring sandwiches. Being in a condo, freezer space is tight but if you have the space and you can batch cook a bunch of different items you won't get bored of, you should definitely try it! Maybe even swap some food with friends! I once made frozen lasagna, portioned into single servings for times when I ran out of sandwich stuff and it really saved my butt! I even have mini single bite whole wheat banana breads ready to go for snacks when I get a craving. Try it and let me know how it works for you!

Quite a few good deals this week! I'm mostly looking forward to the $1 sale at No Frills and all
 the fruit items on sale. I love fruit! Especially, when I buy too much and they are super ripe and about to go bad I freeze them. Like bananas, they're great for smoothies or banana bread! Ok, go see what's going on this week and happy hunting!

My Weekly Shopping

No Frills
- 18 Real Canadian Bottle Water $1
- ocean spray 950mL $1
- chapman's ice cream $1 )
- chicken legs $1/lb
- grab and snack $1
- pineapple $1
- old milk bagels $1
- no name egg muffins $1
- Marc Angelo pork souvlaki $1
- mushrooms $1

- Cheetos and munchies $2
- Bosc pears $.97/lb
- romaine letter $1
- oikos 2/$7

Price Chopper
- dairy milk $1.25
- simply orange $2.99
- raspberries $1.99
- bananas $.57/lb
- asparagus $1.99/lb
- cucumber $.89

- bananas $.57/lb
- dairy milk $1.25
- simply orange $2.99
- raspberries $1.99
- asparagus $1.99/lb
- cucumber $.89

- head and shoulders $3.99 ($1 brandsaver)

- windex $2.99 ($2 wub, can't remember from where but I cut it out of a flyer)
- fantastik $2.99 (bogo
- cheese strings 336g $4.99

- whole chicken club size $1.88/lb
- blueberries and raspberries 3/$5
- asparagus $1.98/lb
- bananas $.57/lb
- romaine, green or red lettuce $.98
- vachon snack cakes $1.98
- cheese strings $4.97
- unico beans $.97 ($.50 checkout51)
- energizer batteries $7.97 with free $5 gas card ($2 checkout51)

- Lactania $2.99
- maple leaf bacon $3.49 ($2 checkout51)
- energizer batteries $7.97 with $5 gas card ($2 checkout51)
- dove bar soap x4 $2.99 ($2 fb printable)

- oikos $3.49
- Cheetos and smart food $1.99

Food Basics
- broccoli $.97
- 2lb carrots $.88

Eros and Pookie

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