Sunday, 5 May 2013

Shopping Trip Apr 27, 2013!

Hi Guys,

Here's what I picked up last Saturday at Shoppers and Loblaws! I'm a little peeved about the Crest Mouthwash and Olay Body Wash. I totally forgot my coupons but the mouthwash was still cheap, and I had returned the body wash.

- Cheetos $1.88
- Ruffles $1.88
- Gillette Shaving Gel $1.99 each and had bogo free coupon
- Crest Pro Health Mouthwash $2.99 (had $1 off each but didn't use it)
- Tetley Tea $2
- Cottenelle $2.99
- Kleenex Moist Wipes $2.99

Eros and Pookie

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