Friday, 30 November 2012

Shopping Deals November 29, 2012 and A Mini Grocery Trip!

Hi Everyone,

This week I didn't even do any grocery shopping! We were still living off those chicken breasts from Costco and making sandwiches from all the sandwich meat we bought there too! There were a couple good deals at No Frills I couldn't pass up! I didn't want to bother price matching at this particular location, cause it was a bit of a hassle last time and I knew I had to be in and out in about 10 minutes. I love getting the cheap $2 laundry detergent lately, if it was the brands I used I probably would of stocked up even more. But, in the end my mom was very glad to be getting so much soap! Unfortunately, paper towels is where I need to stock up right now. I'd love to grab some holiday stuff too, things like baking and party supplies. I'm thinking about throwing a little Christmas party in the condo for our friends. I love making turkey, it's so little effort and it tastes great! Imagine all the left over turkey sandwiches I get to eat with the leftovers! Yum! Let' see what I scored!

- Alymer canned tomatoes were $1 each and there was a coupon for $1 off wub2, so they were 50 cents a piece! Can't wait to make my own pasta sauces out of these! Very exciting!
- Alcan foil was $1, not the greatest price. I'm pretty sure I saw it for 88 cents before, but I needed it.
- Gain detergent was on sale for $3 each, with a coupon for $2 wub2 making them $2 a piece. Honestly, I misread and thought I could of bought the powdered box instead which has way more loads but at 25 loads per bottle it wasn't too bad!

Enough with last week! Let's get to this week! Not too many deals but I'm sure they'll having big deals soon with Christmas around the corner!

Weekly shopping 

No Frills
- maple lodge chicken breast deli meat $2 ($.75 coupon)
- pc whole chicken $2/lb
- raspberries 2$/3
- wheat thins $1.50
- romaine hearts 2/$1
- old mill bagels $1
- ah caramel/jos Louis $2
- pc mini potatoes $2
- baby cut carrots $1
- pineapple juice 2/$3
- Campbell's ready to eat 2/$3
- pillsbury dough $2

- red path sugar $1.76
- Dempster's whole grain $2.27
- chipit's $2.47
- red path icing, yellow or brown sugar $2

Shoppers Drug Mart
- coke/Pepsi 6x710ml $1.99
- optic white $1.99 ($1 coupons)
- life brand Mini marshmallows $.99

Price Chopper
- sunlight $3.97 ($1.50 coupon)
- blackberries $.99
- 5lb bag of mini potatoes $.99
- Buitoni pizza $2.97 ($1 coupon)
- Sunlight $3.97 ($1.50 coupon) 
- 5lb mini white potato $.99
- compliments salad 142g $1.99
- blackberries $.99

- coke/Pepsi 12 cans $3.33 ($1 off gingerale 10-12pk)

- sponge towels 6 rolls  $3.99

Giant Tiger
- ah caramel $1.88
- Reynolds $1.97 ($.50 coupon)

- buitoni pizza $2.99 ($1 coupon)
- coke/Pepsi 2L pop $.99
- Ed smith jams 375-500ml $1.88
- arm and hammer detergent $2.99 ($1 coupon)

Food Basics  
 - red seedless grapes $1/lb
- mushrooms $1
- lactantia butter $3
- chicken breast $2/lb
- Bosc pears $1/lb

Canadian Tire
- $.59 foil/cling wrap

Eros And Pookie

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