Saturday, 3 November 2012

November 1, 2012 Shopping Deals and Fresh Points!

Hi Everyone,

Last night a friend told me about a new app called Fresh Points for iPhones! I'm so addicted to it already! Basically, you download this app into your phone and start scanning things with bar codes and it gives you points for each scan. If an item is considered new, you get to take a picture of it and receive extra points. All these points can go to gift cards for things like online shopping, gas to things like movie tickets. I've already gotten to my first $5 redeemable mark, but I'm aiming for a higher reward! This app just launched in September and their website is pretty primitive. Some down sides are the error messages received when I take photos and it could be me but it's sort of slow to take a photo and then bounce back to scanning again. I'm sure these kinks will be worked out soon. Another downside, is when I hit about 800 points (you need 700 to get $5), it told me I hit my maximum and couldn't scan more. There are no details on the rules, so I was very unclear about how it works even when I went online to their website. Oh well, it's fun and I get stuff for scanning so hopefully this app pans out and I'll be getting many gift cards to put into good use with Christmas just around the corner!

Now, let's check out these deals!

Weekly shopping 

No Frills
- Melona bars $2.88
- Ragu $.99
- Puritan $.97
- dentyne gum $1.99
- coke cans $3.97  ($1 coupon ginger ale )
- 5lb clementines $3.77
- milk 2 go $.88 ($.50 printable coupon)
- black diamond cheese $2.47 ($.75 coupon from pc magazine) 

- prime boneless/skinless chicken breast $10
- blue/blackberries $1.97
- Bartlett pear $.97
- dunkaroos $1.97 ($1 coupon)
- pillsbury cookie dough $2
- Colgate optic white $1.97 ($1 coupon)

Price Chopper
- asparagus $1.77
- Dempster's bagels $1.77
- raspberries $1.77

- country harvest $1.99 

- blackberry/raspberry 3pks $5
- crest/Aquafresh $1

- coke/Pepsi $2.99 ($1 coupon for ginger ale) 
- blackberry/raspberry 3pks $5
- Catelli ww pasta 3 pks $5

- blueberries $1.48
- Classico sauce $1.88
- ritz/vegetable thins $1.88

Food Basics  
-  yop $.49
- raspberry/blackberry $1.25
- Swanson $1.44
- dunkaroos $1.77 ($1 coupon)
- honey bunches of oats $1.99 ($1 coupon)
- Purex liquid laundry detergent $2.97 ($1 printable coupon)

Till next time!

Eros And Pookie

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