Saturday, 17 November 2012

Shopping Deals November 15, 2012!

Hi Everyone!

Hope you're getting into the festive spirit like me! This week I was able to organize all the children's toys and handmade gifts and wrap them. So excited to hand them out soon! I'm still working on the list of family, friends and business partners (all the adults). As for shopping, I was able to pick up a couple 6 packs of royale tissue on sale. We were completely out and it's nice to be stocked up again with winter almost here.

 We ended up going to Costco for groceries! Ouch! It's an instant minimum $200 trip, once you walk through that door! However, we did manage to pick up essentials that are way cheaper in the long run. Items like 20 pack Babybel cheeses for $11.49, some sandwich meats and a couple months supply of precooked bacon for those sandwiches! We've also been eating a lot of whole wheat sliced bread, sometimes up to two loaves a week!  So we decided to spend the same money at Costco for bread and get three loaves! Can you tell I eat a lot of sandwiches at work?  I'm trying the whole freeze bread technique and see how that turns out for myself, though I've heard good things! Let's see what's up with the grocery store this week!

Weekly shopping 

No Frills
- blackberries $.88
- Bartlett pears $.79/lb
- country harvest $1.99
- Stagg chili $1.88
- real Canadian water bottles 24 $1.99
- Puritan beef stew $1
- Classico pasta sauce $2
- Campbell's ready to eat soup 2/$3

- gala/Bartlett pear $.77/lb
- smart food/Cheetos $2
- uncle bens rice $1 ($1 coupon)

Price Chopper
- campbells chunky $1.44
- activa 8 yogurts $2.97
- sunlight $3.97 ($1.50 coupon)
- Dempster's ww bread $1.99
- black plums $.99/lb

- truetaste  milk $3.99
- country harvest $1.88
- honey bunches of oats $1.99
- mushrooms $.99

- arm and hammer 80 loads $4.97 ($1 coupon$
- royal gala/granny smith $.98/lb

Food Basics  
 - 4lb Moroccan clementines $2.97
- wonderful pistachios 226g $2.97

Thanks for reading! See you next time!

Eros And Pookie

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