Thursday, 6 December 2012

Shopping Trip Dec 3, 2012!

Hi Gang,

We did a massive shopping trip this week! It really caught up to us not shopping every week for food and supplies. I had been holding out for awhile for basics like plum dipping sauce, but I couldn't find a coupon or sale and had to shell out full price! It really sucked! To make things worse, I had two newbie cashiers to deal with that proved a bit problematic. It all was ok in the end, but I hate that feeling of being "stuck" in the cash out with people behind you. Everything was organized, they just didn't know how to price match properly and had to ask for help or one girl read every coupon in crazy detail. Oh, well that's all behind now and I did manage to score some really good stuff this week!

Shoppers Drug Mart Shopping Trips
 - Colgate Optic White on sale for $1.99 each and had $1 coupons making them 99 cents a piece. 

- Degree Deodorant was $1.99 each with $1 off coupons making them 99 cents each

No Frills/Walmart Shopping
- Arm and Hammer Liquid Laundry Detergent was $2.99 with $1 coupon making it only $1.99!
- Bounty was $9.98 each with $1.25 coupon wub two Bounty products (Double ouch!)
- Bartlett and Bosc Pears were 97 cents/lb
- Dempsters Whole Wheat Bread $2 each
- Maple Lodge Roast Chicken Deli $2 with 75 cents coupon. This was a really good deal for $1.25. 
- Romaine Hearts $1 per bag of 2
- Sunlight Powder Laundry Detergent $3.97 each with $1.50 coupons. Not as cheap as a couple weeks ago, but still really good deal none the less! 
- Raspberries $1.50 each
- PC air chilled whole chicken was $2/lb
- Liberte Fruto Greek Yogurt X 2 were FREE with FB coupons
- ED Smith Jams were pm'd at $1.88
- Deli Fresh $3.97 and had $1 off coupon
- Omega 3 hard boiled eggs were $.97 each and had a buy 2 get one free
- Mushrooms were pm'd for $1
- Dole Pineapple juice on sale for 2 for $3
- Egg White cartons $3.19 each and used two $1 off coupons
- PC mini potatoes were $2
- Canada Dry pack of 6 at 710mL was $1.99

Eros And Pookie

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