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Shopping Deals Dec 13, 2012 and This Week's Grocery Trip!

Hi Folks!

Not much going on in the world of coupons and sales this week! I'm planning on picking up some essentials like frozen and canned veggies, butter and some fruit. I'm so happy that Walmarts are now starting to become 24hrs! Should be interesting to price match at 4am and hopefully have no problems and I can take my time.

Recently, I was able to redeem a $25 gas card from all my Fresh Points scanning on my iPhone. I've submitted for it and hopefully will get it in the mail soon! I also found another app called Checkout 51. Basically, they give you a list every week of things that have rebates/coupons on. If you buy that item that week, you can scan the picture of the receipt and are suppose to get a check in the mail or something. I'm not too sure on all the details, but I'll definitely check it out and let you know! I'm a little skeptic about taking a photo of my receipt, because I always pay with my credit card. Every though my number is scrambled, there are other important personal info on there like my points balance. They also don't have a large selection of items you can get a rebate on, they're pretty specific. However, seems like a good idea. For example, this week they have a rebate for $3 on Huggies Baby Wipes and there is a sale for them at $2.99. So, essentially they should be free. I don't have a baby so I have no interest in getting free wipes. Maybe one day ;)

On another topic, the recent sale of Buitoni Pizza's I bought have unfortunately been recalled because some people have found pieces of metal in them. Luckily, I didn't have a chance to eat them yet and hopefully if you bought some too, you didn't eat them either. If you Google the words "recall Buitoni," you should be able to find the 1 800 number for coupons to replace your tainted pizzas. Honestly, I would have preferred a full refund since the brand has now been tainted in my mind before I even had a chance to try them out.

We didn't have much time to grocery shop this week, so we just picked up a few essentials to get us by. I'm so happy to have picked up such a big turkey for about $20! I guess I'm going to get that little Christmas party I wanted after all. I'm so excited! I love cooking, but even more I LOVE eating!

No Frills
- Turkey approx. 25 lbs $21.38
- Country Harvest Bread $1.97
- Bosc Pears $2.43 (can't remember cost/lb)
- Gala Apples were pm'd  98 cents/lb totalling $3.49
- Broccoli 87 cents
- Chestnuts (centre of picture) $2.99/lb
- Oikos Key Lime $3.79 each
- Pot of Gold $3.67 each
- Chicken legs were full price, can't remember sorry!
- Dole Pineapple $1.17 (I realized now, this wasn't cheap!)
- PC Butter Chicken Sauce $3.29
- PC Thai Curry Sauce $3.29

Weekly shopping 

No Frills
- Chicken breast $3.44/lb
- coke 18 cans $3.97
- 10lb bag potatoes/carrots $1.77
- Franco gravy $.67
- uncle bens $.97
- 6 box royale tissue $3.99 ($2 or $1 coupon)
- gay lea sour cream $1.47
- truetaste cream $.97
- green giant veggies $1.97
- Breyers $2.44
- sliced pineapple dole $.77
- Duncan Hines $.97 (checkout51 $1)

- bolthouse 2lb $1.97
- schneiders old fashion ham $8
- extra lean ground beef $5
- chipit's $2.47
- oikos $3.97

Shoppers Drug Mart
- coke/Pepsi 6x710ml $1.99
Rest of Week
- mini marshmallows $.99

Price Chopper
- black diamond cheese $4.44 ($.75 coupon)
- whole chicken $1.97/lb
- Campbell's ready to eat soup $.97 (really good deal)
- 2L pop $.97
- sunlight detergent $3.97 ($1.50 coupon)

- natrel milk $4.97
- sunlight $3.97 ($1.50 coupon)
- morrocco clementines box $2.99
- lemons 5/$1

- gay lea butter $2.99

- vinta crackers $1.97 (these were so yummy, but they were cheaper last week!)

- coke/Pepsi 2L $.99
- Gillette deodorant $1.99 ($3 wub 2 coupon) 

Giant Tiger
- Chapman's 2L $1.99

- lactantia butter $2.88
- oikos $3.49

Food Basics  
 - navel oranges $.37/lb (really good price!)
- peek freans $1.88
- Bosc $.97/lb

Eros And Pookie

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