Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Shopping Trip Dec 17, 2012!

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are enjoying the festive holiday season so far!

I just LOVE Christmas! I love the music, the lights, and the whole spirit of it. Minus the whole religion thing, but the getting together and eating thing is awesome! I made a whole whack of hand made gifts this year for kids! I can't wait to post them after Christmas, as to not ruin any surprises! Right Steph?! ;)

I did a massive shopping trip last night! I went to both No Frills and Walmart! I wish Walmart would carry President Choice products or No Frills opened 24 hours. Then life would be heaven! It is T-One day till my turkey fest tomorrow. Small gathering of people and a simple meal is all I wanted to do this year. Nothing fancy, but I have to admit the whole holiday spirit and shopping got the better of Winton and I. Winton insisted on getting the holiday themed plates and napkins etc. when I said our regular paper towels and normal Chinet designed plates were good enough. But, then again we never hosts parties and it would be great to see everyone.

The ironic thing is, I'm not stressed about cooking the turkey and most of the food but more stressed about the cleaning of everything before everyone arrives! We clean periodically (I also do a big clean Sundays) but having guest over means we need to kick our cleaning into overdrive. For example, we have what is called our "Bag Corner," where I store my purse and backpack for work so I need to figure where those will disappear to for the day! Our place is small so it's not easy to hide things under the bed (we have drawers) or hide things in our bedroom (people will most likely sit in there playing games with people in the living room). Well, the good news is, I still have tonight and all day tomorrow to do the cleaning! Besides, making the turkey is easy! It's just popping that sucker in the over with some rub anyways!

Oh, on another note! I received my Fresh Points gas card! I can't believe it came so fast! I already gave it to Winton to use! I'm glad to see that it does work and I'll definitely be scanning more stuff soon!

So, I majorly digress... Back to my shopping trip! We easily spent almost $300 dollars this week on party foods, food for the week, and stuff we needed in general. And I must say THANK JEBUS for PC Points! I've been saving them since my Cuba trip in April or May, and racked up about $150 in points. I got my entire No Frills shopping for 48 cents. I'm sad that my balance is now zero but I do have a few months to rack up some more before my next big trip! There wasn't much coupon usage this trip but but every coupon counts! I did manage to get a bunch of "sale" items. I use that term loosely, since the sale price would never been the actual price I'd pay had it not been for my little gathering. Since I bought so many things this week and it was really really late at night, I couldn't get one big picture. I divvied them up into smaller random piles, so let's check 'em out!

 No Frills
 - Royale 6 box tissue $3.99 and used $2 coupon = $1.99 (amazing price!)
- Chapman's Vanilla Ice Cream pm's for $1.99 (diddo!)
- Carrots 3lbs $1.49 (They had a 10lb bag for $1.77, but I couldn't fathom eating 10lbs worth of carrots)
- Dole Sliced Pineapple $.77 each (gonna go great with my ham!)
- Franco Turkey Gravy $.67 each (I prefer canned gravy, as it's not so oily in taste but I'm debating on making one out of turkey juices)
- Chestnuts $2.99/lb (man, these are pricey but so good)

 - Green Giant Frozen Veggies $1.97 each
- Franco Gravy $.67 each
- Rold Gold Pretzels $3.19
- Hershey's Drops $3.49 and used $2 coupon = $1.49

 - Gay Lea Whipped Cream $2.47
- Onion 97 cents/lb
- Lactania Salted Butter pm'd $2.88 each
- Lay's Kettle Cooked $2.47

 - Royal Chinet 40 medium $3.97
- Royal Chinet 40 large $5.97
- Gay Lea Sour Cream pm'd for $1.47
- Holiday Napkins $2.97 each (ouch!)
- Chipits $2.47
- Ham $10
- Simply Orange $3

- Black Diamond Medium Cheese pm'd for $4.44 and used 75 cent coupon = $3.69

Talk to you in a couple days for coupon/sale match ups!

Eros and Pookie

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