Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Finished Crayon Rolls

Hi Everyone!

Recently, I was able to finish two crayon rolls! Here's what they look like:

 The inside
 The backside
What they look like when rolled. They are a little skinny cause there is no crayons in them.

I've done the cut outs for my plush puppy but haven't even begun sewing them yet! It's tax season so I've been busy adding up receipts and collecting information for my small business. Let alone doing some of my family members as well.

I also made some home made creative apple pies. Check these out!

Hollowing them out is the hardest part of this dessert

 The filling

This part is a little tricky since the pie crust is so delicate to lattice

The yummy finished product. 

Till next time!

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