Sunday, 18 March 2012

Couple Small Deals This Week!

Hi All,

We booked a trip to Cuba next month for our anniversary, so I've been keeping my eye out on some deals that would be good to bring with me as gifts for the locals. I figured now that I'm couponing, I can get better stuff for the same price or less than Dollarama. We had been to Cuba to vacation before about two years ago, and it was a real eye opener as to how good life is here in Canada. I was advised by many friends to tip with gifts instead of cash, because they can't buy the goods we have here since there are no U.S. products sold there. On a selfish note, imagine not eating fries with Heinz ketchup or drinking Coca Cola with your lunch on the beach. Small conveniences like having internet or a thousand television channels we all take for granted. Plus, I think they would really appreciate it more than giving them some toys and crappy gifts from the dollar store. It'll most likely be a little heavy going there but thank goodness, I'm not carrying anything back!

Here's a couple things I scored for my trip!

 Febreeze regular priced at Rabba was $4.99 each and the sale this week was 2 for $4. I had two coupons that saves $4 each when you buy any three Febreeze products. So, it makes them $12 - $8 in coupons equals $4 for all 6 bottles as opposed to spending $30. This scent actually smelled really nice! 

This is regularly $4.99 at Loblaws and was on sale for $1.99 each. I had five save $1 coupons and got each of these shaving gels for 99 cents each. 

Till next time!

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