Thursday, 25 July 2013

Shopping Trip July 23, 2013!

Good Morning Y'all!

I was on my way home from work on Tuesday, when I found out we were about to do an impromptu trip to the grocery store. The horror and dread on my mind about having no coupon binder or no iPad for price matching. So, this trip was a very very small trip to get us by the week. Thank goodness for photo stream on the Apple devices! All the screen shots I took with my iPad automatically get transferred to my iPhone, so I was able to price match a couple items. I also learned that there is no free underground parking at the No Frills on Front Street East before 6pm. You'll have to find one of the five or so spots on the street level right in front of the store. We were lucky to have found a spot eventually, but it was packed with so many cars!

On the savings front for my trip, it's been so so... I have to admit I'm still eating out a couple times a week. It also doesn't help with the crazy weather we've been having and the black outs, forcing us to eat out. The only way I can think of combating this sluggish savings is to dedicate a day of pay each week to my spending pool for the trip. And since it's still summer, there are lots of bbq's and birthday's to go to so in a way we'll save on groceries. I'm going to try to cut back on some unnecessary spending on junk foods and stuff. Even though, I know I got to have them in the house I can buy less and save more.

On another note, since applying for Virtual Brokers to test out their trading platform. I've yet to hear from them, which is a little disconcerting since they were my top pick to trade with. If they have bad customer service before you join with them, how do you think they will treat you after you sign up and give them your money? I think I'm going to start looking for a decent financial advisor. If I could afford it, I would go the fee only way but since I'm just starting out I'll probably have to look for the regular advisors just to get started. It kind of sucks since I know they won't have my best interest at heart but their's instead with what they can make off commissions on me.

Let's see what I bought this week!

- Omega 3 egg's pm'd $3.69 at Loblaws
- 30% off ground beef $5.33 (we made delicious taco's the night!)
- Black plums pm'd Freshco $.99/lb
- 2 X Blueberries $1.44 each
- 2 X Alcan foils $.88 each
- Chapman's ice cream sandwiches $2.88
- Bananas $.57/lb
- Green lettuce $.77

Eros And Pookie

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