Friday, 19 July 2013

A Blurb On Travelling and Shopping Deals For July 19th, 2013!

Hi Gang,

There are free Potato Thins this week! It's a new chip product I was looking to trying and now seems to be the time with the sale for $1.88 at No Frills and a Checkout51 of $2 off. Whoo hoo moneymaker! I'm also looking to pick up lychees, I have no idea what they cost when in season but $1.88/lb at No Frills seems like a good deal! If you're a big fruit eater like me, then now is the time to pick up lots of fresh fruit. But, is it just me or when you buy fruit you have to have it sit around for a few days to a week in the fridge before its sweet enough to eat?

I'm going to be in super saver mode for the next few months as I've just booked a big vacation! Yay! I still expect to be enjoying my summer but I'm really dedicated to starting a fund to pay for my play money on this trip. Thanks to my Old El Paso commercial, I'll be able to pay for this vacation in full. That's the most important thing about taking trips! You never want to go into debt just to satisfy your need to go somewhere. Trust me! I learned that the hard way! I was bit by the travel bug from a young age and many argue it's not worth the money or they don't have the money. I totally disagree! It's worth every penny and no one is making you fly to god knows where! You can take a short trip to somewhere close by. That is if you don't go overboard and budget accordingly and get deals and pay reasonable prices for everything from flights, accommodations and to what you eat while away. Remember, what you save in flights and hotels, you can spend in shopping and whatever else you want. Fly economy or even drive and get an Airbnb or stay with friends/family. You'll save tons of money with Airbnb, I've stayed with them in Paris, Berlin, and Montreal and had a great host, price and location with all of them. Make sure to read all the host reviews and their rating is in the high 90%.

The thing that people forget about when taking a trip is the stuff you have to pay for regardless if you go away or not. It's all your fixed expenses like mortgage/rent, cell phone bill, and money lost from not working (you know with me being self-employed and all). This is the stuff that I'm working hard now to save for. Not only do I want my bills paid but all my various saving goals met and paid in full. Just because I'm away, my life and goals in Toronto don't just stop. What I did was calculate what my expenses will be like up until including the month of my trip and make sure those expenses are taken care of. Anything income extra above my expenses will be my trip money, so I'm looking to pick up extra shifts if possible. I don't plan to over kill on the shopping but I'd like to have a fancy meal here and there.

On a final note, before you head off to check out the shopping list! I finally requested to open up an account with Virtual Brokers. I'm looking to get into buying some ETF's in my RRSP's. I have a very ambitious amount I'd like to hit for retirement and with about 40 years to go, I'm anxious to start! As much as I love my TFSA, I'm tired of earning the measly 1% or 2% that is currently being offered. So, hopefully you'll be able to enjoy and accompany me on my journey to a more complete financial portfolio and hopefully financial success!

My Weekly Shopping

No Frills
- potato thins $1.88 ($2 checkout51)
- chapman cone and ice sandwichs $2.88
- blueberries $1.44
- dole spring mix $2.88
- broccoli $.88
- lychee $1.88/lb
- minute maid $1.88
- Special K cracker chips $1.88
- Alcan foil $.88
- ziploc sandwich $.88
- Cheetos and smartfood $1.88

- chicken breast $10
- bananas $.57/lb
- lays $2
- plums and peaches $.97/lb
- Dempster's whole grain $2.27
- cottonelle moist wipes $2.47
- mr clean $1.96 ($2.50 wub2 brandsaver)
- dawn $1.96 ($1 wub2 brandsaver)
- Colgate optic white $1.97

Price Chopper
- Heinz ketchup $2.99
- Dempster's ww bread $2.29
- island soda $.49

- romaine lettuce $.77
- sealtest milk $3.97
- Dempster's ww bread $2.29
- grace island soda $.49
- red or black plums $.99/lb
- broccoli $.89

- Lactania butter $2.99
- iogo yogurt 12/16 $4.99 ($.75 go coupons, Websaver,
- broccoli $.99

- wonderbread $2.22
- pc blue menu eggs $3.69
- McCain cake $3.99

Giant Tiger
- country harvest $1.97
- omega 3 eggs $3
- Ed smith $3 ($.75 tear pad)
- cucumber $.67
- mushrooms $.99
- broccoli $.99

- mushrooms $1
- red, green or romaine lettuce $1
- sour cream $1

Food Basics
- Kraft pb $2.88
- blueberries $1.44
- egg creations $1.99 ($1
- peaches and black plum $.98/lb
- smuckers $2.88 ($1 tear pad)
- Dempster's whole grains $1.98
- pillars Black Forest ham $5

Canadian Tire
- dawn $1 ($1 wub2 brandsaver) 

July 20-21
- peaches $.79/lb
- blueberries 2 pack for $3

Rest of week
- large black plums $.99/lb

Eros and Pookie


  1. Hey Julie btw, you can do the same with your TFSA as you can do with your RRSP. if you want to invest in stock, options, bonds, treasurey, or ETF you can do it with the TFSA. I would suggest RRSP unless you know you will never need to touch the money going into the account.

    If you're withdrawing for a home the withdraw limit is 25gs!

    If you already know this ignore me!


    Tai Lieu

  2. Hi Tai,

    Yeah, I know you can use TFSA but I'm planning to never touch it till I'm old. If it's in the TFSA, I might be tempted to use it. The TFSA also doesn't have much of a limit, since I'm planning to save at least 20% for a downpayment. Thanks for your input!


  3. Btw have you used
    they have apps for the iphone and android. Its amazing tool for tracking expenses!