Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Shopping Trip July 15, 2013!

Afternoon Everyone on this super hot sunny day!

I finally went grocery shopping last night! I'm so happy to have food and fresh fruits back in the house in ample supply! We did go a bit over board on our grocery bill but it was worth it! And considering what take out costs, it's still waayyy cheaper! I feel so much happier getting back to my routine of walking to work and having a somewhat consistent day. Let's go see what I picked up at Dufferin Mall!

- Cheerios $2.97
- Cucumber $0.67
- Broccoli pm'd Food Basics $0.88 
- Royale Tissue $3.97 each with each it's own $1 coupon (Gocoupons) Still waiting for it to hit $1.99 but we seem to be constantly running out, so I gave up and bought two packs!
- Watermelon $2.97
- Corn 3 for $1
- Lou's Peameal bacon pm'd Freshco $3.49
- Kraft Shredded Cheese pm'd Food Basics for $4.99
- Country Harvest Bread pm'd Giant Tiger for $1.97
- Kraft Dinner $1
- Oiko's Greek Yogurt 2 packs for $7
- Milk $3.97
- Peaches $0.77/lb
- Red and black plums $0.99/lb
- Bananas pm'd Food Basics $0.57/lb
- Avocado $0.77

Eros and Pookie

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