Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Shopping Trip Feb 19, 2013!

Hello Frugal Friends,

The sales were pretty stale this week, so we decided to hit up Costco for some staples we needed to stock up on. I really wished they price match per unit or even took coupons other than their own. It ended up being a really expensive shopping trip but sadly it needed to be done since we weren't regularly hitting up the grocery store every week like we planned. We picked up things like pre-cooked bacon for my lunches at work, couple of carton of eggs, and turkey lunch meat. I finally shelled out money for a bike helmet! I was really on the fence about it for the longest time! I'm a casual commute via Bixi bike home. I stick to a slow and steady pace, but Winton was right it's better safe than sorry! I've also been complaining about how flat my pillows have gotten as it was affecting my quality of sleep and picked up a couple pillows on sale. I honestly have no idea how people pick out pillows. I'm a side sleeper, so I need a big fluffy pillow that's got decent filling for support. I don't know how guys, most notably Winton and my brothers can sleep on what I call "pancake pillows." They are just flat with barely any filling or nothing! 

Unfortunately, apples were a ridiculously price at Costco so I made sure we popped over next door to No Frills to pick up that and a couple other things. I like to pick my own apples and prefer not to buy them in an already packed bag. Plus, we needed to pick up some chicken which was on sale and I forgot to add to the picture. It was $2/lb for bone in, skin on chicken breasts. As as family of two, there is definitely no way we can eat such a package of chicken breasts from Costco before it expires. 

Costco/No Frills
- 3 Loaves of bread from Costco were $3.89. All I gotta say is wow!
- Milk $3.77, which was strangely the same if I were to pm it elsewhere
- Dove soap 14pk $12.99 each. Cheaper than usual Costco price and we were low. 
- Cetaphil $15.99, which is the weekly special and $4 below regular
- Apples were pm'd at No Frill for $.88/lb
- Peaches on sale for $1/lb
- Duncan Hines $1/box
- Rice Krispies were $5.38 but FREE with coupon! I can't imagine buying such a small box cereal for that price!

On another note, one of the most frequent questions I've been getting lately from friends is "how much do you save each trip or on average?" And honestly, I have no idea and I can't calculate it without so much effort and time. The thing is it's very subjective on how much I save. On other sites, they post what the original full price may be and then wait for the sale, pay the sale price and use a coupon. So, in the end when you add up the savings it looks impressive cause you "saved" so much. For me, I don't pay full price if I don't have to. For example, I wouldn't go out and spend over $5 for that box of Rice Krispies ever! I'd only every consider buying it once it went on sale for say $3. The sale price is what I'd consider as the normal price. Pretty much everything goes on sale in cycles, you just have to wait and be patient. Importantly, learn to stock up until the next sale, that's the one key area I'm still working on. I don't have the luxury of space for a stockpile like some who live in a house. Any hoo, I figured what a saved more than balances out the times I have to shell out full price for stuff I need.

Till next time!

Eros And Pookie

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