Friday, 22 February 2013

Shopping Deals Feb 21, 2013!

Good Morning, Deal-aholics!

A few good deals this week! Mostly, I'm looking forward to picking up a whole chicken and a bottle or two of some Classico pasta sauce. Even, though I'm fully loaded from when it went dirt cheap it went on sale last time a couple months ago. Astonishingly, I learned it's even dirt cheaper than before! At 37 cents a bottle you can't really go wrong, and I love keeping the jars to store all the salted caramel sauce I've been making lately. I've learned that I 'm terrible at managing the number of paper towels and batteries we go through. When I want to pick them up on sale Winton tells me not to as we have too many! But, now we have none of both and are scrambling to buy those items again at not so great prices. It really sucks, and I know I really need to work on that! By the way, you guys should really try that salted caramel sauce on some buttery popcorn! It tastes like heaven!!

Weekly Shopping

No Frills
- Bounty Paper Towels 15 rolls $9.97 ($.50 or $1.25 wub2 coupons)
- extra lean ground beef $2.77
- mushrooms $.97

- oral b tooth brush $1
- crest toothpaste $1 ($.50 coupon)
- energizer batteries $3
- dove styling product $3 ($2 coupon)
- classico pasta sauce $2 ($1.50 checkout51)
- bagel bites $1
- oranges 4lb $2.47
- mushrooms $1
- halls 4pk $3

Price Chopper
- fresh whole chicken $1.97/lb

- catelli healthy harvest $.97
- fresh whole chicken $1.97/lb

Food Basics
- classico pasta sauce $1.87 ($1.50 checkout51)
- honey but Cheerios $2.88 ($2 checkout51)
- dawn 709mL $1.99 ($1 wub2 coupon)
- red grapefruit 5/$1.97
- prime whole chicken $7
- dempster's bread $2.29

Eros and Pookie

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