Thursday, 23 August 2012

Shopping Trip Aug 22, 2012!

Hi Everyone,

Had a pretty good shopping trip this week! We were in desperate need of some real groceries! I was also pretty bad and wanted all this junk food to snack on when I went out and to work etc. So, let's check out the deals we got from No Frills and Walmart!

- Resolve Spray and Wash was pm'd for $1.97 and used a $2 off coupon, so I made 3 cents! I was so sad that two printable coupons had just expired a few days before and I gave my other good coupon to a friend thinking they were going to be sold out. Oh, well I'm sure my mom would really appreciate using free cleaning products!
- Cheetos were pm'd for $2
- Tosititos were already pm'd for $2.50
- Jos Louis and Passion Flakie (under Jos box) were pm'd at $2 each
- Kraft dinner premium pm'd at $.99
- Raspberries pm'd at two for $3
- Eggo's pre-pm'd at $1.97
- Uncle Ben's Bistro express was full price at $2.67 but we received another Uncle Bens ready to eat rice product free!
- Cra-Z-Art crayons were 40 cents each
- Black Diamond Cheese 500g pm'd at $4.33
- Black plums pm'd at 99 cents/lb

We were really lucky that it was pretty dead in the downstairs check out that I had my pick of cashiers. I remembered a lady from a previous shopping trip that was really fast with coupons and price matching. Made the trip a whole lot easier and quick! Not to mention Walmart is also great at changing their prices to match other stores, so you don't even need to price match everything.

Eros And Pookie

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