Thursday, 16 August 2012

My August 15th, 2012 Shopping Trip!

Sorry, folks for not posting last week's shopping deals. This week has been super busy! We have so many things coming up from birthdays, to bridal showers, all the way to multiple weddings to attend. The deals this week weren't the greatest, so not to worry!

Instead, I went shopping in Chinatown on my way home from work! There are so many great deals there that don't need coupons! Especially, with in season fruits and veggies! Plus, there are some great Asian foods that I just can't get at No Frills and Walmart. Here's what I scored this week! Mind you, I would of stocked up more if I didn't have to walk and bixi home!

- Strawberries boxes $4 for 3 cartons
- Instant Noodles 2 packages of five for $5
- Bananas were 49 cents/lb
- Broccoli 59 cents
- Chicken Legs 3 pieces were $3.58 

Eros And Pookie

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