Wednesday, 6 June 2012

June 4th Shopping Trip!

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the delay in posting! Schedule has been all out of whack the last few weeks and we are finally regularly going grocery shopping again! Yay! The deals this week we're so so, but we did manage to grab some essentials that we needed. Here are some deals I had coupons for! Luckily, I didn't have to price match stuff since Walmart/No Frills already did so in house.

- Elastoplast Bandaids were still on sale from $4 last week and I had a $1 off coupon = $3
It was a good deal too! You get 100 bandaids plus an extra 20 in the package.
- Liberte Greek Yogurt was $4.89 and it was free from a facebook coupon = FREE
- Minute Maid Fruit Punch Juice was on sale 2 for $1. Had plenty of $1 off when you buy two so they were free as well. I don't ever drink these juices, so I just bought four that I will be giving away to my mom. No Frills was all out, but I found a major stash next door at Walmart no one seemed to know about. So, I price matched away and got them for FREE!
- Unfortunately, the Minute Maid Pink Lemonade was not 2 for $1 but I just love their frozen pink lemonade treats you can get from Costco. So, I thought I'd give it a try! They were $1.27 each but I could still use the buy two for a $1 off coupon making each 77 cents, which I don't think it too bad. 
I think this would be amazing in the summer if you made the lemonade and froze them into ice cube trays. Great way to add a little flavour to your water while keeping them nice and cool!
- Kernals, which I absolutely love and rarely get cause they are so expensive! This was a major treat and a great deal! I recently got one of those RDeals (groupon type things) for $2 to get $10 worth at any location. I bought a medium sized bag and which the difference and tax I had to pay $1.40 extra, which I didn't mind! So, $3.40 for a big bag of Double Double Caramel popcorn from Kernals? Yes, please!

 This I just forgot to take a picture of cause it was so small and was lost in the bottom of the bag. I get these free all the time! They are worth $1 and there are always $1 off coupons for the Crest Pro Health mouth wash. These are great for travelling or keeping a couple in the office just in case you have crazy garlic breath after lunch.

These were an okay deal, but the best from all the stores from the last several weeks. I hate running low on toilet paper! Canadian Tire I went to had not received their shipment of 32 rolls, which was on sale for $6.49 so they put these on sale instead. These 40 rolls were $7.99, the 48 rolls are usually $19.99 but we usually get those for around $10. I bought four of these at $7.99 and had two coupons of when you buy 2 you get $1.25 off. Doesn't seem like much but I'm really trying to buy smaller packages to get that bigger bang for my coupon buck! What also hurt was that I had been carrying around Canadian Tire money and totally forgot to use it until after I left the store. 

I'm also really excited that I will be posting my baby shower gift after Saturday when it will be presented! As you all know, I've been working really hard and pretty much full time after work to get it just right for the mom to be! I also made a side gift and can't wait to start posting the pictures! 

Stay Tuned!

Eros And Pookie

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