Thursday, 31 May 2012

Shop Deals

Not the best deals this week but I'll probably pick up a bunch of freebie coupons I got online and from Facebook this week! Sorry for the delay in posting! I've been non-stop sewing up that baby gift for Winton's sister, not to mention another surprise I made for her. Pictures will follow in the next week or so after the shower! Can't wait! I'm so excited! Happy Shopping! Eros and Pookie Weekly shopping  Giant Tiger  - nothing No Frills - Pineapple $1 - peach $1 - mushrooms $1 - ravioli $1 Walmart  - blueberry pint $1.77 - gala or smith $77/lb - dempster $1.97 - twix $1 for 6 Shoppers Drug Mart - Thinsations $1.99 ($1.50 and 75 cents off coupons) Price Chopper - nothing Food Basics  - blueberry 1 pint $1.44 - Classico $1.88 Fresh co - nothing Fortinos - Canadian Tire - saw charmin for about $6 something for 36 rolls. Got coupons! I must grab some this week! They take forever to post the online version of their flyers! Superstore - Loblaws - nothing Rabba - nothing Metro - Not available

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