Monday, 11 June 2012

It's Done! It's Finally Done!!! Part One!

Hi Everyone,

The moment is here! I finally get to reveal my big secret operation that I've been working on for months! The blood, sweat and tears have finally paid off! Well, maybe no blood or tears but definitely LOTS sweat! Not literally of course! So, check out the pictures below and I'll explain the makings of my Ultimate Star Wars quilt for Baby Sprocco!

The finished product!

I originally was planning to do a regular quilt with square patches of different Star Wars fabric sewn together and the back side was plain black fabric. Then I thought it was probably going to look so plain, so I googled simple Star Wars images to see if I could replicate some characters on the back. After a long thought process, I wanted to make the back something significant and personal so I decided on doing the opening Star Wars crawl from the Empire Strikes Back. It's Steph's favourite movie of the three, apparently the new three don't exist! I found out there was special Jedi font, and decided to go with that. No where online could I find where you could print out the lettering, where the words shrink at the top like in the movie. So, I ended up doing the font straight with no shrinkage. I hope that last part made sense to you guys! In total there were four different fonts used in the making of the backside of the quilt.

I started out just tracing and cutting out the individual letters with yellow felt. I had to count out how many letters of each I needed, and yet somehow I ended up losing some letters and had to go back and trace more when I was almost done. 

This one a pretty simple task, but the repetitiveness sucked and killed 
my hand from the constant use of scissors.

Before actually sewing anything on, I had to figure out the correct spacing and alignment. 
As you can see I was missing quite a few letters near the end.

I sewed on some white thread as a guideline of where to start and end my sentences. I learned the hard way that you should have a crap load of pins to pin the letters. It makes the sewing go by a lot faster!

Apparently, they don't sell any Star Wars fabric on Queen Street West here. What I consider the mecca for fabric stores. I even gave Fabricland a ring, and they don't carry it either. I had to specially order these from the States. If you're ever looking for Star Wars material to make anything, there surprisingly isn't much out there. 

          Here, I'm all done the letter for the main body. I also finished the front side of the quilt as well. Everything was sewn by hand and double stitched for strength! Don't get me started on owning a sewing machine. It's really not practical condo living. 

Here are some more letters in different fonts for the titles and such.

Here's it all stitched on! 
I must say the titles were a bit hard cause I didn't realize how small the font was.

For the inside material it's polyester (I believe, I can't remember). I just asked the sales women for the stuffing used for quilts and this is was she recommended. 

And here's me holding the quilt so you can see the size of it compared to me. It's pretty huge, more than enough for a baby! 

This was my very first attempt at a quilt and if there was anything I could change, I would accommodate some more material for a zipper or button closure which I really wanted to do. I also would change the inside material because it was new and pretty thick the quilt came out more "mattressy" than a soft cushy relaxed blanket. I'm sure in time it will be less firm. Also, I'd try to get the lettering on much straighter, but that's a pretty hard task to do. Considering I did this all by hand and I don't have any real sewing skills or tools, I'd have to say I'm really happy with how this turned out. I think I'm a little pooped out of sewing now. Pun intended!

Stay tuned for Part Two: The Diaper Tricycle!

Eros And Pookie

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