Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Post Aug 27, 2014

Hi Everyone,

I hope you've been having a great summer as it now comes to an end. I hope everyone's had a chance to check out The Ex this year. We've already gone twice, and at least once more next Monday! The weather hasn't been the best but we've had some great sunny, hot days! I've had Eros this week and he's been so good and well behaved! The best part of him is finally getting to play catch after seven years! He gets bored but it's nice to feel like we've finally got it down!

 Yesterday, temperatures hit about 40 C and I wanted to go back to Mexico and sit beach side so badly!

 I've been so good and have been keeping up my Nutribullets! I can't say I loss any weight or anything but I do feel better and healthier. Than again, it could all be in my head! But, since starting the smoothies I can definitely say I snack less on junk foods since I'm usually full. The best part is add fruits to make all the veggie flavours disappear! It's not as healthy as Winton's shakes but I'm getting there. It's very slow process from eating unhealthy all your life!

His and her smoothies!

 I found this life hack online and I found it to be so amazingly helpful when I'm cutting up boxes and boxes of pre cut fruit as work snacks for during the week. The skin peels so easily and makes prep work so much faster!

 Now, that some of our friend's children are getting older, I want to stray away from the non-education toys that will be tossed out and started picking up more learning friendly items. Thanks to BMV, I got this selection of books for $20! I rarely go into a used bookstore but I was surprised to find how much new books they have on sale. And for way cheaper than purchasing them from Chapters. The best part? They use good quality sticker tags that easily peel off and leave no residue!

A few weeks ago, I was able to get such a great deal at Walmart! They had a sale for $1.99 for all these Scrubbing Bubbles and I had a ton of buy one, get one coupons and various other ones. Making them about a $1 each or less. I've been using the aerosol one and the cool blue spray that comes out turns white after a few seconds. It's funny but it's like I'm spray painting the bathroom with no ill effects! Kind of makes cleaning fun. The graffiti artist in me is now satisfied! hahaha

Some more food reviews coming up!

Eros and Pookie

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