Thursday, 26 June 2014

Mine Sushi Review

Hi Sushi Lovers!

Mine Sushi is one of our favourite local sushi spots near by and their food is really good but pricey to boot! I guess it doesn't help that their location is across the street from the Roger's Centre! We love coming here but it's definitely not everyday sushi we could afford. Luckily, we had a groupon! So, here's what we ordered:

Yakitori, filled with big chunks of chicken! 

I really like their Dynamite roll! I feel like they didn't skimp out on the shrimp and didn't over kill it with the rice.
Chicken Udon. It was super duper hot and burnt my tongue, way hotter than any other udon I've had before. They gave a good portion of noodles but could of gave me a few more pieces of chicken for what I paid for it. I love Hosu udon, they give me a choice of miso soup or fish broth but I didn't get this choice here. 

I love getting fruit at the end of the meal. It's like a nice treat and throw back to getting them whenever I ate at a Chinese restaurant downtown. 

Overall, anyone who is in the mood for sushi should definitely check out this place. It's got great food with or without the groupon and I didn't get any negative attitudes for presenting my coupon. The only thing is in the past we ordered Lobster Roll, I would advise getting this. It wasn't very good! Instead, check out Thompson Hotel's Wabora Sushi Restaurant! It's our absolute favourite and priciest (maybe even more so than Ki). Then again that's another review! Until next time!

Eros And Pookie

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