Thursday, 1 May 2014

Spring Rolls and Shopping Trip Apr 8, 2014

Hi Everyone!

After a bit of a hiatus, all thanks to my Macbook crashing on me! I'm back! I'm sort of on the market for a new iPad and Macbook but I would much rather prefer to wait for the next generation. Backing up files are so important! And thankfully, my cousin has put boot camp on this computer so now I've switched over to the PC it's like learning how to use a computer all over again. It's such a strange world! I miss having all my devices easily in sync with each other. Let's catch up to what I've been doing this whole time!

My mom knows how much I love her spring rolls and she happened to be in the area after making a fresh batch of meat! How convenient for me huh?! She fully supplied me with everything I needed to roll and make my own fresh Vietnamese spring rolls! Some of you may know, you can't pre fry them and give them out. They have to be eaten soon after cooking or else they get all soggy and gross.

Rolling them up! I really need to work on my rolling skills because I know I have definitely lost them! Egg whites are a great glue to keep the rolls closed! My mom has even used beer too!

I think I may have over fried them since I made them so thick! I just wanted to make sure the heat got to the centre to avoid any possible food poisoning.

Shoppers Drug Mart Deal
- 2 X $3.99 - 2 X $1 coupons - 2 X $1 SnapSaves = $1.99 each!
Perfect timing to run out of tissues in the house! 

No Frills/Walmart
- 3 X Liquid Plumber pm'd $1.99 each
- Pineapple pm's $1.97
- Vinegar 4L $1.97
- Juice $2.99
- Aparagus pm'd $1.99
- Natural Selection Roast Beef $3.99
- Oreo's $1.88
- Egg Creations $1.25
- Whole Wheat Bread $1.88
- Lou's Peameal $3.99
- Cauliflower $1.97
- Fuji Apples $.97/lb
- Lactania Butter $2.99 - 75 cent coupon
- Egg White's $2.69 - $1 coupon - $1 Snapsaves
- 2 X Chipit's $2.27
- Marshmallows $1.50
- Banana's $.57/lb
- Cucumber $.97

Eros And Pookie


  1. Spring rolls glued together by beer? Sounds delicious! Those rolls should've helped you deal with the strange new world that is the PC. Speaking of files, were you able to retrieve your old files from your Mac, or are you waiting for your new device to just sync them there? It would be a shame not to get them back. It's not just the files per se but the pictures you mave have had in there.

    Ruby Badcoe @ Williams Data Management

  2. Hi Rudy! I'm waiting to get my new macbook before I transfer all my old files. Thankfully, most of my work is done online so I don't need much. Luckily, I did back up all my important photos and files not long before it all went south.