Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Clearance Shopping, Shopping Trip April 1, 2014 and Cooking at Home!

Hi Guys,

I have to say it's been a difficult past three weeks for me with no day off. Hopefully, I'll be able to get the upcoming Monday off so it would make it a whole month with no days off. Ah, 'tis the life of the self employed! So, let's see what I've been up to on my down time!

Honest Ed's
Honest Ed's is clearing out so I tried going after work one day to see if they had an bargains and sadly they do not! Everything is insanely over priced compared to Walmart and their other competitors! I did manage to come across these cute Kermit The Frog bags for $1! They'd make great gift bags for kid's presents and such! It cost the same amount I would of spent on a regular gift bag from Dollarama, but this way it's reusable! 

Another Walmart/No Frills trip!
- Kale pm'd from Freshco for $1.99
- Clemintine's 4lbs pm'd from Freshco for $3.99
- Banana's $.59/lb
- Broccoli $.97
- Fruit Creme Cookies $1.88
- 2 X Healthy Harvest Pasta $1 each
- McCain fries $1.47
- Celery $.97
- PC Chips $1
- Triscuit (I forget, I think it was like $1.44)
- English Muffins $1
- PC Cookie Dough $1.97
- Bosc pears $.97/lb
- Mini Soccer Ball $3
- Chicken Breast $2.83

Walmart Clearance! Yay! I found some really cool wooden craft pieces for 40 cents each. Great for kid's painting and doing cool art stuff. I also found this 3 piece baby set for $5! Amazing! They will incorporate nicely into my future diaper tricycles!

So, after a much thought and research we have our new mattress! Hooray! It's amazing! It came in record timing and the delivery process was in and our in less than five minutes! I'm happy to report that I've been getting much better rest at night without loose spring's stabbing me in the ribs! My only two complaints are that it gets a little hot during the night so I have to turn to let the heat escape, then again it could be that it's now spring time and I don't need my heavy duvet. Another, is that my pillow is just so flat so it's been killing my neck now more than ever! 

Food Wise!
So, I've been having these hankerings for breakfast foods on the weekends. I want to do brunch or just go across the street to Cora's for a quick bite! But, I remembered my new mantra of cooking everything at home! So, with some effort I made some Eggs Benedict! They didn't come out all that great but I had a great breakfast that didn't cost me $20 a person! 

I'm also still on my smoothie kick! Maybe not as often as before but I still try to have at least 2-3 smoothies a week to get my veggies in! I find that I'm so full and constantly peeing after. And my fullness still makes me feel hungry for something more substantial like meat or something. It's just such a strange feeling, I'm full but I want to eat!

Eros And Pookie

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