Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Fondue?! Yes, Please!

Hi Gang!

We were first introduced to true Quebec fondue last year on our trip to Mont Tremblant with some good friends. It wasn't your typical fondue set that comes to mind, it consisted of a grill on top and eight individual trays under. The grill was to cook up our meats and the bottom was to melt cheese on top of our meat or veggie of choice. Our same friends decided to get us a little fondue set for Christmas! Man, it was a blessing and a curse all at once! We have been obessessed with having fondue dinners for the last couple of months and chocolate fondue for dessert. It's terribly tasty and amazing and all so fattening at once! I recommend you give it a try and see how good it and easy it is!

They sell this President's Choice fondue kit for about $6 at No Frills. Trust me, it's much cheaper and easier to grab this than going to a cheese store and picking up raclette cheese or something and white wine. The raclette cheese we bought at St. Lawrence Market cost us about $13 for a big block enough for two people and the wine cost us about $8-9 a bottle. If you get more serious with your fondue you can experiment with other cheeses and such, but to start off just grab this PC kit. With the kit, all you do is toss it into a pot and melt it on the stove and transfer to your fondue set... 

Voila! Cheesy goodness! You can basically add anything you want for your fondue dinner. Our staples are whole wheat bread, apples, pears, meatballs, bacon strips, and a variety of veggies. 

They sell Hershey's chocolate fondue kits which we've had before at Loblaws. However, I had so much left over Hershey kisses from Valentine's day that I decided to heat them all up at once for a fondue. I just played by ear and added what I had laying around, which was some milk but it's suggested to use whipping cream. 

I kept adding enough kisses to get the thickness I wanted 

And BAM! Chocolate fondue! Great for kids and the whole family and super easy! Just grab a bunch of fruits, marshmallows, and even some bacon and have at it. 


Eros and Pookie

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