Friday, 21 February 2014

Eating Healthier, Shopping Trips and More Tax Prep!

Hey Guys,

Most of you who know me in person know I can have pretty bad eating habits. With a hectic work schedule and just pure laziness it can be so hard to cook dinner and not order some take out or grab a slice of pizza for dinner. So, with this year's goal of getting healthier I've been putting in a little effort into my diet and exercise. It's been a bit of a slow start but I think I'm getting there.

First off, I'm starting to walk to work again with the better weather we're having and I signed up for yoga classes in the condo! Which, by the way I absolutely love! It's fun, challenging and it's a small class and since it's in the condo I don't waste time walking through the snow hauling all my stuff to get there. I also try to do yoga at home when I can to build up my stamina for some of the harder poses.

Second, Winton's also got us a Nutri-bullet thing, so we've been making some crazy healthy smoothies with carrots, strawberries, spinach and whatever else we can think of. The best part is most of them taste amazing! He specifically makes Julie approved smoothies with more strawberries so I can't taste too much veggies. I can't bear to do the protein powder. I have to draw the line there as it just makes me want to gag! Bleh!

Here are some of my attempts of having a better breakfast on the weekends. Omelettes! I love them! Drinking juice is just too sweet for me so I usually dilute it like crazy. I use a 20% juice to 80% water ratio. I just need the flavour.

I discovered spinach and I love it! I just love leafy greens! 

Voila! Tasty spinach, cheese and bacon bits omelette! 

Salads! Learning to love them! :( They are pretty good but I gotta be in the mood for them. Which is almost never but Winton seems to eat them more now so I just force myself to eat them with him. This rare time I felt guilty and made a huge one myself and chopping up the leaves instead of getting it out of the pre-made box. I missed judge how much salad you can get from a few leaves of romaine! Besides, if I'm eating that much I can afford to treat myself to a Barq's. 

Here is stuff from my last couple shopping trips!

Shopping Trip 1! 
- Crap forgot how much the cocktail sauce was but it was 20 cents cheaper than normal
- 5 X 2pk of Lysol for $2 each
- Pears at 97 cents/lb
- English muffins at $1
- 2 X Stagg Chili at $2 each (emergency work lunches)

Shopping Trip 2!
- Old El Paso $3 - $2 coupon from
- Egg whites $2.27 - $1 coupon from and $1 rebate from Snapsaves
- Plantain 67 cents/lb
- Hellman's $3
- 2 X Low Sodium Ketchup $3 each
- 6 X Broccoli Soups at 98 cents each
- Strawberry Cream Cheese $3
 - Halal Hot Dogs $1
- Sweet Potato 77 cents/lb
- Chinese Pears 79 cents/lb
- 2 X Blackberries at $1 each

Good news!
I'm over the moon that the condo I live in downtown finally gets the Redplum coupons! Now, if I can get mailed the SmartSource too life would be grand! 

My Tax Prep Progress!

So, I finally sat my butt down and started to crunch the numbers for all my expenses! Reading receipt after receipt is so painfully slow. Thank goodness for my iPad and the Numbers program. I love just typing it in and hitting "sum"! It took me a good part of my day to separate the HST out of my expenses and what I paid over the year. It's definitely a good reflection on the amounts I spend over the year on all that stuff. I'll go over in detail what I do in another blog poset. I'm just glad the tedious part is over with. Now, it's just the waiting game to get all my statements mailed to me and start up a new file in my tax program! Hopefully, I'll have an easy weekend to plug in a few numbers and get started. Being self employed can be hard since they don't teach us any of this in school. Let alone the HST form I'll have to prepare. *Sigh* First world problems!

Eros and Pookie

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