Thursday, 15 August 2013

Shopping Trip Aug 14, 2013! My First Major Appliance Purchase and Home Made Quiet Book!

Good Afternoon Folks!

So much to tell you today! I had a great shopping experience last night! Great cashier at No Frills! She did tell me they only do up to four price matches for the same item but let me do a second transaction. Apparently, it isn't a new rule and they've always had it, but I was with Winton and ask if he could "buy" it. I guess I've just never price matched more than four before to notice.

It's crazy how much I feel like I'm learning this week. Especially, stuff regarding the house like caulking! Who knew you had to maintain the seal for the tub! I've seen my mom do it once or twice when I lived at home but man home stuff is expensive! The caulk itself was a couple bucks but they get you with the scraper and applicator which were $5 each. Ouch!

We also finally received our brand new washer and dryer for the condo! I LOVE it! After saving up for about a year and spending a few months researching for models and sales, the reward is soooo worth it!  I love having the money in the bank and being able to pay for things in full! We did have a little headache with the installation. We had a problem with the valve and the hoses used to hook up the machine are not insured by the condo. Luckily, we had the super at our place during this and he said he could help us by picking up the braided hose and valve we need and install it for us. It was way cheaper than finding a plumber and having him come over as soon as possible to do the work. We also had more than enough money in our washer/dryer fund to pay for the extra costs associated with the machine. Now, we have a proper working washer/dryer combo and I'm so excited to do laundry now!  You have no idea how many times I've had to stay home and keep pushing that dryer button before a load was fully dry! The idea is to keep this fund going and paying into it each week in case some other home maintenance comes up and we'll be ready for it.

 - Neilson Milk $3.88
- 3L Basket of Peaches $2.97
- Mini cucumbers $1
- Broccoli $.97
- Creamsicle $2.97
- Bananas $.57/lb
- Ferma frozen veggies $1.97
- Blueberries $1.47
- Imodium $10 (hopefully, we won't need this for our trip!)
- Hellman's $2.97
- Miracle Whip $2.99
- Black plums pm $.99/lb (Freshco) 
- Royal Gala $.97/lb (Frescho)
- Ed Smith pm'd (Food Basics) $1.88 with $.75 tear pad coupon

- 6 X Olay soap bars 4 pk pm'd $2.99 (Food Basics) - $3 wub 2 (brandsaver) so $1.50 each! I was worried I lost two but they just fell out of the grocery bag in the car! Whew! 

Here's a quiet book I made for Max's first birthday! My first sewing project on my own sewing machine! It's two pages but a lot of work! All in all it probably took me a good solid month to do this, but totally worth it.  P.S. Sewing straight lines are much harder than you think!

 It's such a delicate process finding out the right tension and width you need for your project

I can't remember if I posted this! But, here's the birthday cake I had made for Max's birthday! Affordable new Star Wars toys are a lot harder to find then you would think! It took me more than two weeks of shopping around! Well worth it! Cake looked and tasted amazing!

Shopping deals coming up soon! Stay tuned!

Eros and Pookie

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