Saturday, 28 April 2012

Smart Source Printables

Hi Everyone, 

Sorry, I meant to have posted this last week before I went on vacation. Always better late than never I suppose! 

Still no grocery shopping this week! It's kinda driving me nuts! I'm eating things in the back corners of the cupboard I didn't even know existed. I guess it's a good lesson to show us how wasteful we can become and how much food we really have in the house! All that pasta and canned foods are really coming in handy now. It's also saving us a lot of money! We did have a tiny Costco shopping trip to pick up essentials like sandwich meats and little cheeses to snack on, but not really stuff to make a full meal. And by tiny, I mean we came out of there not spending the usual few hundred dollars. 

There have been some good sales on this week, but my book of coupons are quite light these days for the massive cleaning I had to do. With the majority of my book expiring on March 31s, I'm slowly recovery and getting some back. I've found that a lot of them are become printables, which are and aren't so great! Printables are so easy to get and is so much faster than having them mailed to you, but not all places accept them. So far, I haven't had a problem with them from No Frills or Walmart. I've been printing quite a few coupons from Smart Source, this was one of the booklets filled with coupons you get with newspapers and such. And since, I don't buy newspapers I have had to rely on a friend to grab me a few copies when she got some for herself. 

Smart Source

I'm also happy to announce I'm working on a major crafty project for Winton's pregnant sister. It's a secret to be revealed by July or August. Not quite sure, since this is an idea I got off Pinterest but am putting a big twist on it to customize it. I've been really excited getting the pieces together and working on it after I come home from work and on my days off. It's fun yet time consuming. I just love it! I'd rather make something special and amazing that takes longer than many things that aren't as special that are faster to make. The detailing of the project is what I find quite fun and makes it very personalized. I've been taking a few pictures of my work in progress and can't wait to post them with the finished product. Deadline is hopefully by June! 

Till next time! 

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