Saturday, 4 February 2012

Where Do I Get These Coupons?

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When people see my coupon binder, I always get asked "Where do you get all these coupons from?" My answer is the internet! You can find many from company's websites to their Facebook accounts. I prefer to get mine mailed to me, with the occasional at home printing if I'm going to be purchasing that product soon. I can't justify wasting so much ink and paper just to get all the coupons out there, even if I am only printing in black and white. Because they are printed by you, some retailers may not accept them since they may feel they don't look official enough for them. I usually like to go to Walmart or No Frills to do my shopping, as I haven't had an issue using printed coupons from them.

Some places I like to find coupons are:

Red Flag Deals
This is the place I check everyday for deals in general and they have links to coupons that I can print. Red Flag is also very informative! I've gone here to ask users where the best place to eat sushi in Toronto to where I can go and get the best exchange rate for my Canadian dollars for my trip abroad. I also go here before I make a purchases like electronics to see if there is a sale somewhere or just tips on how to get a deal. There is a lot of insider info too, like what kind of retention deals cell phone providers offer to unhappy customers. This is amazing as the last 4-5 years I've always had a custom cell phone plan that was dirt cheap and it gave me all the add ons I needed.

Coupon Inserts
There are three that I often look out for called Smart Source, Red Plum and P & G Brandsaver (this is also mailed out, see below for more info). I would say that these coupons come out about once a month sometimes twice in select local newspapers.

For mailed coupons, I usually check these sites about every 2 weeks to see if they have new coupons. There is a minimum order of three for some of these sites, so just beware to not order everything all at once if you don't need them. I've made that mistake before and couldn't order a new coupon that I needed, since I didn't hit the three coupon minimum. These sites usually also have a re-order period, so you can only order one of each coupon at a time. This is to prevent someone from having 100's of the same coupon mailed over and over to them. I also use two different addresses with two different accounts to score multiple coupons, since it is sent as one per household. This is a great way to score multiple freebies. For example, this is how I received five free toothbrushes last week from No Frills instead of just one.

I use this most often and like how they print on paper that I can tear out the coupons and use immediately.

I'd say this is my second most used site for me. They have good coupons but you have to sit down and actually grab a pair of scissors to cut each coupon out.

P & G Coupons
There is a max of about 32 coupons you can order at a time. However, you can also get these from your local newspapers about once a month.

Go Coupons
This is one is not the greatest and updates least often. However, lately they've been giving out great Royale product coupons. I like the look of these coupons the best. They are actual coupons that you don't need to clip, some have holograms and everything.

I also find that having friends who coupon help as well! You can trade coupons you may not need for something you do. For example, I trade baby coupons to a new mom in exchange for her extra coupon booklets that I don't get from the mail.

Soon, I'll blog about getting the most bang for your buck when using coupons and the strategy you'll need to learn to become a couponer!

See you next time!

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