Friday, 14 March 2014

Shopping Trip March 3, 2014 and My Diet!

A good thing about Costco shopping is that I usually don't need to go grocery shopping the following week! It's like a twofer! Other than a few things we pick up here and there on the way home from work, we are pretty much fully stocked! I don't mind paying full price at Costco sometimes because some of the qualities and quantities makes it's worth the price. For instance, we bought a huge bag of asparagus for $4 and at No Frill's we'd only get a small bunch. We had a huge bag of kale, baby spinach and I forget what else was only $5. It's great! It can double as a salad to eat with a meal or to toss in with my smoothies. There are some downsides! The size, which happens to be the upside too! Yes, I'd like a lifetime supply of toiletries but no I don't need a bag of like 20 apples to eat in a week. So, it's best for us to pick and choose what we pick up! Also, best thing is there is a No Frills next to the Costco in Etobicoke! We get our PC branded products without forgoing them. Let's see what I picked up!

 No Frills
 - 2 X Tetley Tea $1 each
- Tropicana Orange Juice $4.44
- Red Apples 97 cents/lb
- Oranges 88 cents/lb
- Celery 88 cents
- Dawn $1.99 

I like smoothies and I'm putting more and more veggies in them. The only thing is that they are so cold to drink. It's cold out and to come home to make a cold smoothie isn't always my ideal. I'd much rather have some hot chocolate or a nice cuppa tea. 

Dinner time! This is me trying to incorporate lots of veggies in my meal. The crazy part is all these veggies are just for me! Winton was at work this night! 

My dinner with chicken breast and some roasted potatoes, as well as my pre-made lunch for the next day. I'm really regretting not picking up more lunch boxes when I was in Tokyo. Would of been great to pick up some cool bento kind of lunch boxes so I can separate my food better. 

Another lazy dinner day. Quick pan fried chicken breast with salad and asparagus. 

I'm not going to lie because I don't eat like this everyday. It's actually quite boring food to me and not super appetizing. We did have fancy butcher shop bought burgers and fondue at home again this week. But, it's great to know that a few times here and there I did eat well and healthy!

Eros and Pookie

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