Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Shopping Trip Nov 4, 2013!

Hi Everyone,

My first real post since my trip to Hong Kong and Tokyo! It's been an exhausting time but one of the best times of my life! It was a two week trip in total: 10 days in Hong Kong and 4 days in Tokyo. All direct flights to lessen the pain of such a long haul to get over to that side of the world! Who knew I could fly 16 hours straight like a pro! I'll blog about my trip later in another post with some photos!

It took about two weeks to get back to our time zone and a super long time to get back into the groove of things with work and life etc. I was pretty beat! But, now I'm back, rested and ready to blog more about things that I love and not just shopping deals. It was sort of becoming a chore to get a shopping list out every Thursday! But, anyways here is what I bought this week! I also started Christmas shopping for our friend's kids so I'll be sure to post those up as well!

Walmart/No Frills
- Attitude Salads $2
- Whole Chicken $1.88/lb
- Tootsie Pops $5
- 4 X Pop bottles pm'd at $1.97 each
- Bartlett pears $.88/lb
- Broccoli $.88
- Wonder bread $1.88
- 4 X Heinz beans $.88 each
- Clementines $3.88
- 3 X Blueberries pm'd 3pks fpr $5
- 8 X Tetley Tea pm'd $1.99 each
- Highliner Fish $3.88
- Tylenol Cold and Sinus $5.96 - $3 coupon
- Oral B Automatic Toothbrushes $6.97 and $9.97 with two $3 coupons

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