Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Shopping Trip Sep 14, 2013!

Hi Super Savers!

Wow! I went to Walmart on a Saturday afternoon and it was the craziest time I've ever seen! Pure madness and aisles and aisles filled with people! It's probably as crazy, if not more than during Christmas time there! I was surprised by the mountains of stock they had left! It was strange there was no grocery section and had just coming from a funeral, I didn't think we were going to pop by a Walmart. Even without my coupon binder I did manage to pick up a bunch of great deals! Oh, I need to mention this soap is for my mom! I wish I had a crap load of those Dove coupons because I would of stocked up like mad too! Go see!

- 12 6pk Irish Spring soap bars at $1.88 each
- 8 10pk Ivory soap bars at $2.84 each
- Charmin 48pk $7.86
- Bounty 12 pk $7.86
- Q-Tips $2.47

Eros and Pookie

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