Thursday, 27 June 2013

Shopping Deal on Tide and More Diaper Tricycles!

Good afternoon friends,

I went to Rexall last Friday to pick up some cheap Tide detergent. Tide is so expensive and this was a deal not to be missed. Too bad the location at Metro Hall had a pretty small selection. I really wanted the powder version but opted for the biggest liquid version that was on sale.  So funny, how the companies make a product look like the same size but really it has less loads because they scented it with febreeze or whatever. Doesn't fool me!

- 2 X Tide Liquid Detergents $4.99 each - $2 each from Brandsaver = $2.99 each

After what seemed like a whirlwind of summer activities I had to attend this month, I thought I was all done. I had hoped to go back to regular grocery shopping and eating at home, but last minute of course I found out I have one more baby shower this Sunday! Below are a couple of tricycles I made earlier for two other showers. I really like making these, just to see that big smile on the mommy-to-be's face is really priceless.

 In progress... I really really hate and need to work on my bow making skills!

Copped out and got a store bought bow to go with my homemade one! First of three tricycles complete and ready to go! 

Eros And Pookie

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